How to transfer a large file of 25k

  whisked 10:25 19 May 2003

Hi, can anyone help?

My friend has a 25k .avi file he wants to transfer to me, but so far he is struggling to do this. Last night we tried MSN Messenger and we got half way though transfer a couple of times, but then we get 'transfer failed message' (so annoying!!) He has considered using his AOL email, but that he says has a download limit of 16k?

Anyone recommend any other method to transfer this file?



  otubby1 10:34 19 May 2003

Do you really mean 'k' or do you mean 'meg'??

  Legolas 10:35 19 May 2003

Are you sure you mean 25k and not 25Mb 25k is very small for an avi. file.

  MartinT-B 10:41 19 May 2003

25K can be emailed. Max size for Outlook express is 1MB

Do you mean 25MB?

I'd suggest ICQ. I sent a 82.4MB file to a friend in Toronto last night, so can confirm it works.

ICQ is an original internet chat and file transfer program. You can do a hell of a lot with it. It's named as an abbreviation of "I Seek You" - ICQ.

click here and choose the ICQ Pro 2003a Full Featured Version. NOT ICQ LITE.

Once downloaded (it's completely free) you will need to register and will be assigned a UNIQUE number. Your friend will have to do the same.

Once you know each others numbers you can ADD A NEW CONTACT. Once that is done, you can see each other 'on'line'. Click on his/her name to initiate a chat session.

You can then send him/her any file from your PC. YOu can also set up and area on your PC for him/her to look at files and copy them if you want to.

Once you have registered. I would advise you to set your status as "invisible" and also to make sure you check the box wherein you say that contacts need your permission to add themselves to your contact list.

That way you will cut down on unsolicted spam and porn msgs.

  MartinT-B 10:43 19 May 2003

BTW, if several friends are online you can set up your own virtual chat room. Just drag and drop names into your initial 1-2-1 chat as they come on-line and it will convert automaically.

  fitshase 10:46 19 May 2003

If he has got any free webspace with his ISP, he could upload the file to that webspace and then e-mail the link to it.

That way, you can download it at your leisure and you don't have to be online at the same time as your friend.

Alternatively, he could burn it onto a CD and post it to you.



  fitshase 10:47 19 May 2003

sorry, I meant "e-mail the link to YOU" not IT!



  whisked 11:41 19 May 2003

Oops, of course i meant 25mbs! I might try the ICQ option, but failing that, Fitsbase, what do you mean by free webspace, excuse the ignorance!

Thanks for replies so far, very helpful.

  soy 11:50 19 May 2003

Ask your friend to set up an FTP server on his PC with server software.

You download FTP client software, and you will be able to download the file directly off his hard drive.

  MartinT-B 11:54 19 May 2003

That's going to take twice as long!

Think about it.

1) upload to the server.

2) download from server to another PC.

That's an excellent idea if several people need the file, OR if you can't both be on-line at the smae time. Otherwise...

  soy 11:57 19 May 2003


A good freee FTP server program is: click here

Although windows can handle downloading from FTP, its better t get a dedicated third-partu program.

click here+

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