How to transfer info from old to new pc

  Ms_Dial 01:59 22 Dec 2006

I'm getting a new e-machines computer for xmas and would like to take a few programs from my old one plus music, pics and other files and put it into my new one but have no experience doing so, is there a easy to follow how-to on this somewhere?

  Jake_027 02:05 22 Dec 2006

files such as music, pictures and word documents, but as for programs you will need the original discs to reinstall them, you cannot just copy them across because they put settings in different places so the only way to get them properly set up is to install them fresh on your new computer.


  Jake_027 02:08 22 Dec 2006

Best way to transfer files would be an external USB Hard Drive - see click here . You could then use it for backups on your new computer.


  Ms_Dial 02:16 22 Dec 2006

Okay, I understand about the programs but my question remains how do I transfer the info?

  theDarkness 02:17 22 Dec 2006

what kind of programs do you wish to take across to the new pc? programs which were installed on your old pc that you do not have the original discs for, you may have to purchase to run them on your new pc- if you find out the new pc does not have them installed already.

as for copying files (music, pictures etc) it really depends on exactly how much you have to take across- you could burn the files you wish to keep onto disc if your old pc has a cd or (preferably) dvd drive, if you do not have any burning software already installed i think windows xp will still do the job

  Ms_Dial 02:18 22 Dec 2006

P.S. Re: external drive - rather not get another device if there's a way to accomplish task w/o it.

  Ms_Dial 02:21 22 Dec 2006

The program is paint shop pro 9 that I got as a gift but don't have disk for and yes, I have an external cd burner and am running WinME on my current pc.

  theDarkness 02:48 22 Dec 2006

if you dont have the PSP9 install disc then youre pretty stuffed, you cant really put across installed files in this manner to a new pc in order to get it running even if you had the same version of windows on both machines. if its just music and images you wish to take across then youre best to just copy them to a blank cd or dvd using a program such as nero, or if your version of windows has similar burning software installed.

  mymate 08:32 22 Dec 2006

I managed to put a lot of my programs on to my new computer,using Nero.I had backed up my programs using a cd disc,and then on my new computer,i installed Nero,from my disc,and then i just re-installed all my programs from the back up disc.That worked for me.

  [email protected] 09:00 22 Dec 2006

If you are able: Set up the new PC as normal. When everything is stable, physically remove the HDD from your old PC and install it as a slave in the new. All you old data will be now be on your PC with the advantage of additional storage space! You will get good advice here how to install another HDD and it really is quite simple. (I am assuming you are not talking about laptops or a mix of laptop/desktop as they are more tricky due to physical size/compatibility, and that your operating systems are the same).
A word of caution though: some warranties on new PC's are invalid if a seal is broken on the case, for the first 12months or so. Whilst additional hardware (external HDD) is not your choice, it would really be the best solution in the absence of your original program installation discs. Without these, you need to mirror (or clone) your old HDD somewhere. As already pointed out, installations are all over the place so it is not just a question of copying what you see and putting it into a similar place on the new PC ;-)

  [email protected] 09:22 22 Dec 2006

Just read again your thread. Programs aside, any other info (music/images/text data [word docs]) etc, can be tranferred many ways - high speed data link cable (but you have to buy/borrow it) - USB memory key (but you have to buy/borrow it) - conventional CD ROM (record data on old PC/copy it on to new) [if you choose this method use CDR/RW - 1 disc for all jobs ;-)
Putting the data onto disc is done by right clicking the folder/file/image you want to transfer and selecting "Send to *whatever your CD ROM drive letter is". Insert your blank CD R/RW into the tray, wait a few seconds, click File then Write these files to disc. You may get a window or 2 opening such as Windows saying "I see the disc you have just inserted, what do you want me to do with it"?. Just close it or select a suitable option.
Put the disc you have just made into your new PC and let it load and Windows will ask you what do you want to do. Choose an option which suits your needs, or close the window and proceed thus:
open My Pc > *CD ROM drive > You will see the data you stored > right click it and select "Send to" and choose your location which is limited to Desktop or My Docs I think. From there you can move it by copy/paste. Or you can copy/paste the data directly to the location you want EG: Images into your images folder. Copying and pasting is done via the Right click menu.

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