How to transfer files from one PC to another?

  Sabi 09:50 19 Jan 2007


A computer has been given to me that is more advanced than the one I have at home!

I would be grateful if anyone can tell me how to transfer files, documents, pictures etc from the old one into the new one . Basically I want to use the new computer with everything I have from my old PC.

Many thanks


  pj1664 09:55 19 Jan 2007

Why dont you just transfer your hard drive over.

  Sabi 09:58 19 Jan 2007

Thanks Jeet;
But I am not a computer expert! Have no idea what is in motherboard, yet alone to touch it!!!

Sabi :-(

  pj1664 10:12 19 Jan 2007

Hard drive is not part of the motherboard but its attached to it. You need to find out first if your new computer has a SATA drive or the older IDE drive connection because the two have different connection. only change if its compatable. What OS are you using? If you are using windows XP in your new computer then you can tranfer files across using special cable.

  Sabi 10:37 19 Jan 2007

Thanks again Jeet :-)

Yes I do use Windows XP in my current PC and
I like the idea of transferring what I need by a cable.

Would you mind telling me; What kind of a cable that is or what is called?
Also how can I make sure that the files/folders or documents transferred across are clean? As you know sometimes the infected files do not get recognised by anti-virus/spyware scanning!

Many thanks

Sabi :-)

  ICF 10:44 19 Jan 2007

USB TO USB Data link cables

click here

click here

click here

Or use a Flash drive click here

  ACOLYTE 10:50 19 Jan 2007

If both pc's have USB slots,you can get a pen drive or some MP3 players,and transfer that way it may be slower depending on the size you get i got a 2GIG MP3 player that takes files pics documents and i use this to xfer stuff from one pc to another.
Also if the new pc has a cd-writer copy the files to cd and xfer that way.

I think the cable mentioned by jeet is a crossover LAN cable,both pc's need a network card to use this option.


  Sabi 11:29 19 Jan 2007

Thanks guys :-)


Both PC’s have USB slots and I have two Pen Drives (64 and 128MB)
I am worried that my pics and documents will not all fit into the PD!

Do you think I can do them in sections? ie; copy half of the pics or as much as they fit into PD, transfer them fist, delete them from PD and do the same procedure again and again?

Many thanks for your useful advice :-)


  cycoze 11:35 19 Jan 2007

Yes you can copy a few pictures and documents at a time to your pen drives, and repeat the process after clearing the first batch from the pen drives, really depends on how much data you have to transfer .

  VoG II 11:44 19 Jan 2007
  Sabi 12:44 19 Jan 2007

Thanks Cycoze :-)

I do have many files and folders to copy not to mention the thousands pictures :O


The link you've sent was most useful :-) a music to my ears! Thank you for that.

I am going to get busy discovering what my two PC have in term of compatibility! At the moment the monitor of the new PC doesn’t work!! I have connected it correctly but the “on” button doesn’t function!!! I hate to think I am lumbered with a new expenses for a new monitor!!!

Many thanks again


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