How to transfer a domain

  Bravo2Red 21:46 18 Aug 2007

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Well, I am planning on Ebay or selling me website Because to be honest, I have no use for the site. Here are my questions:

1- Do you know any website that is good for selling domains?

2- Once someome has bought the site how do I transfer the actual domain?

My web-hosting company ( not much help. But I really do recommend them!

  Forum Editor 23:43 18 Aug 2007

in the sale of domain names, but the one I recommend is click here

You wouldn't normally sell a website - just the domain name, and the selling company acts as an escrow agent. That means that they handle the sale for you, and make sure that they have the money from the buyer before you actually transfer the name. Once the buyer confirms that he/she has control of the name the escrow company pays you the money, less their fee.

You can also sell your right to the name by private treaty, but it's a risky business - you need to be sure that the buyer will pay you if you transfer the name, and the buyer needs to be sure that you will transfer the name once you have the money - that's why most people use an escrow company.

Don't expect to get a fortune for the name unless it's very special - most people expect far too much money for their names, and are consequently disappointed. The escrow company will provide you with a professional assessment of the value of the name for an additional fee.

Transferring the name involves getting the buyer's host to request a transfer from your host. You have to authorise your host to make the transfer, and you may have to authorise the transfer with the domain name registration authority - it depends on which high level it's in (.com or etc.)

  djbenny 11:44 19 Aug 2007

i would recommend click here for selling domains

its free and there are thousands of users on there!

transferring a domain is relatively easy the buyer has to ask for it then you have to get a code to give to them then they can transfer the domain to their registrar

  Forum Editor 12:13 19 Aug 2007

Selling a domain name via Sedo (the company in your link) is NOT free.

The service is free to buyers, but sellers must pay Sedo 10% of the value of the sale. It's the same with all reputable escrow companies, and for good reason - they protect both buyer and seller from fraud by virtue of their escrow service, and they're not going to do that for nothing.

  fitshase 21:46 14 Sep 2007

Sedo charge 10% of the value of the sale with a minimum charge of £35.

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