How to transfer a divx vid to the hd from bad dvd

  theDarkness 14:50 11 Sep 2006

How do I transfer an avi video file to the hd from a bad dvd? The video will not play on the pc or copy to the pcs hard drive, as the disc is slightly scratched, but it somehow plays great on my normal dvd player with no probs (divx compatible). It is an old family wedding video but I do not have the original vhs at the moment and wanted to copy it onto another disc.

the disc is scratched, so why does my normal player play it 100% when my pc cannot? is there any programs I can use on the pc to try and get the pcs dvd drive to read it in the same way my regular player does, so i can put it on the hd with no probs? or will i have to figure out a way to connect my regular dvd player to my pc and record it that way (i would not know what video capture programs would be best for the highest quality, and that sounds like too much effort, esp if i had to convert the whole thing to avi again, and when the disc is ok on the normal player its just seems awkward).

any help would be great, thanks.

  ArrGee 14:56 11 Sep 2006

Have you tried using a different PC? I have various DVDs that will player on either the DVD player OR the PC OR the laptop, but not on all.

However, it sounds like you will have to link up your DVD player to the PC. Does the PC have an S-Video IN socket? If so, you can obtain a Scart Out to S-Video In lead. There is various software available to catpture the DVD into your PC.

  theDarkness 22:54 14 Sep 2006

thanks for the reply :) ive tried at least one other pc, but it seems that cd cd drives try and read the data on the disc too accurately rather than try and correct it when copying to its hd, so i cant take it off the disc.

i have used data correction programs which try and repair video files, but usually this results in distorted video in certain areas of the video. yet the video plays 100% perfect on my divx compatible dvd player no probs. only my graphics card has an s-video socket, but i think it may be an s-video out rather than in... its exactly like this one, eg same number of holes: click here

  Strawballs 22:58 14 Sep 2006

What about a polisher for tacking scratches out of DVD's and CD's I got one from asda called skip doctor ans as long as the scratch is not to bad it works quite well.

  De Marcus™ 22:58 14 Sep 2006
  Strawballs 22:59 14 Sep 2006

oops should have read "and"

  theDarkness 23:13 14 Sep 2006

thanks ppl- i will give isobuster a go. im not sure i would want to chance skip doctor, ive heard some of those things can do more damage than good, but it might be a good last resort though- thanks :)

  De Marcus™ 23:20 14 Sep 2006

If you don't get results from isobuster, find a friend with a dvd recorder and connect the two machines together.

  theDarkness 00:19 15 Sep 2006

ive tried isobuster, it asks me to click on retry for certain sections of the disc that are bad- a rip could be possible as after a section it moves onto another sector number which needs a retry- but im not sure if I can change the options so it doesnt constantly keep ask? thanks

  De Marcus™ 00:44 15 Sep 2006

If isobuster keeps asking to retry certain secions, ditch it.

Take your mate up on the offer, esentially that's your only option for getting a decent copy.

  Strawballs 00:58 15 Sep 2006

I've had good results from the skip doctor

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