How To Transfer Data Only (no OS) to new drives

  HMG1K 22:51 14 Nov 2009

I'm about to replace two 72GB SCSI hard drives with two 300GB units, and need advice on transfering the data over.

These are pure data drives, no operating system on them, and have partitions. So E: Music, F: Accounts, G: Projects, etc.

How do I get the data across? Should I back ip each drive, and image each one to an external USB drive, plug the new drives into the PC and transfer the images over?

Or is there an easier way?

Thank you in advance.

  mgmcc 23:09 14 Nov 2009

Can you not replace one of the 72GB drives with a 300GB drive and then copy the data from the remaining 72GB drive across to it? Then replace both drives with the other 72GB and 300GB drives and repeat the process. With the data then on the two 300GB drives, these can both be installed in the PC.

...or am I missing something?

  HMG1K 23:22 14 Nov 2009

I've partitions (around five) on each of the current discs.

By doing what you suggest, will the partitions also be copied over or just the data?


  ArrGee 23:28 14 Nov 2009

The partitions will not be copied over, just the data. Once you install the new drives, they will have to be partitioned in the way you wish.

But I cannot understand why you are partitioning a drive to such a degree for music, accounts, projects, etc.

Usually, a partition is setup for the OS and a second for data, and that is all that is required.

  woodchip 23:46 14 Nov 2009

I will go with change one drive at a time, then right click drag files from one to other drive

  HMG1K 09:07 15 Nov 2009

Thanks folks. ArrGee, I originally partitioned them so I've individual drives I can go direct to instead of having to dig down into individual drives. Some of the partitions aren't large - some, for say accounts, are just 1GB.

Hope I've done it right in the past!

After I've done this, my next task is then to get a new bigger (bigger than the 36GB standard) than I now have with the OS on an put Win7 on. This drive is purley OS with local work on before I send to the larger drives. All my email inboxes etc, point sand save to the larger drives.

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