How to transfer data for CD-ROM to floppy disk

  Robb321 16:55 17 May 2003

Pc novice - Can explain to me step by step how to transfer the data on a installation CD-ROM on to a floppy disk then to be installed on a computer with only a floppy disk drive.

  otubby1 17:46 17 May 2003

To my knowledge, unless they have improved them since I last bought one, a floppy only holds 1.4meg of data. So, unless you can compress the data to that or less, it can't be done.

But don't take my word for it, somebody out there may know a way, it's just that I haven't heard of it. let the thread run a while.
If the data is less than 1.4meg, just drag and drop it from the CD to the floppy in Explorer.

  Patr100 17:51 17 May 2003

Since a CD can hold about 400 times the capacity of a floppy you might conceivably be able to use a file splitting program to split the CD contents into floppy sized parts and then copy them via floppy and then reconstitute them on the PC and then run the install from the PC but
frankly inpractical terms it's a non starter.

What is the program?

  -pops- 20:06 17 May 2003

It would be far cheaper to buy a CD drive than buy the quantity of floppies that you would need to contain the data from one CD.

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