how to test for a dead motherboard, suggestions

  loonogs 21:27 16 Mar 2011

sounds like a stupid question but my sisters system just died, i know the psu is fine i checked it on another system.
when you press the power button, the power led goes on as does the cpu fan, nothing else, the hard drives , dvd drives and there is no display output either from the graphics card or the on board one when i removed the graphics card.

just throw it away ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:32 16 Mar 2011

disconnect all drives and retry to see if it boots to error message

  loonogs 21:41 16 Mar 2011

thanks Fruit Bat, will not boot, will not display and there are no beeps from the bios.

what are the symptoms of a bad bios ?

i think it has had it

  Storic12 22:06 16 Mar 2011

Personally, I would check graphics card and memory first. Have you tried clearing the BIOS via the jumpers?
As Fruitbat has suggested disconnecting everything, especially graphics or memory modules should bring up error beeps.
Just some vague suggestions - beastly things computers! Process of elimination and usually the last thing tried. :-)

  loonogs 22:29 16 Mar 2011

Storic12 how do i reset the bios ?
could you suggest a link or website ?
i will try anything rather than throw it out

  Storic12 23:09 16 Mar 2011

On your motherboard close to the flat batter will be a set of three jumpers. The default setting will be a cap on number 1 and 2 pin - no 3 pin will be clear. To clear the Bios, take the cap from 1 & 2 and place it on 2 & 3. (You should have you computer switched off and the power lead disconnected to do this.)
Leave the cap on pin nos 2 & 3 for about ten to twenty seconds and then replace the cap on 1 & 2. This will set your Bios to factory setting and you will have to enter the correct information when you reboot the computer. (If you can get into the Bios before you clear it, make a note of the various settings so you can replace them as they were or should be.
Hope that helps. :-)

  robin_x 23:17 16 Mar 2011

click here

Add your make/model to get more specific.

Don't throw it out yet anyway. Say you have to buy a new motherboard and that does not work either?

Could be a faulty cable?

In absolute worst case, when you are absolutely sure the mobo is the problem, how about the oevn trick? No idea of any success rate.
click here

Good luck

  loonogs 23:30 16 Mar 2011

thanks Storic12 and robinofloxley

will try that tomorrow

  loonogs 13:48 21 Mar 2011

motherboard dead.
thanks all

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