How to test a CPU

  GazMaz 09:55 21 May 2006

Can anyone tell me how I can test a CPU, I have recently bought a (albeit) used AMD 3200+ socket 462 CPU, to upgrade from my 1900+. The 3200+'s are no longer avaialble hence it being used.
All seems fine and I have set the clock speed to 2200 MHz in the bios, but I occasionally get freezeing, normally when playing games, but some of those games are very basic window types games, ie simtower.
I used ran Far Cry on the 1900+ (although the settings were low) but now it freezes during gameplay. I was running four heavy apps recently and it froze, but that was two adware and antivirus progs so that was probably my fault.
Is there any settings I need to check, or is there a tool I can use to check that the CPU is OK.
some sys details
MB = A7V600 X
CPU = AMD 3200+
RAM = 2048mb
Win 2000 SP4 (all updates)
AVG and NTL antivirus
Zone alarm
Spybot and Lavasoft adaware

Your help as normal much appreciated.

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:17 21 May 2006
  Mr Mistoffelees 10:38 21 May 2006

Download PC Probe, from the Asus website, to keep an eye on the CPU temperature.

  GazMaz 10:47 21 May 2006

Will download and run those tests.
I have PCPROBE and it seems that Temp is not the issue, the max CPU temp I have seen is 52 Degrees C and the MB is at 34 degrees C max.
will let you know.

  Stuartli 10:49 21 May 2006

Everest Home Edition will also monitor the temperature of the CPU along with the motherboard.

I have the same CPU - sporting a large Gigabyte fan and heatsink it runs at between 50 degrees C at idle and up to 58 degrees C in use, whilst the motherboard is around 38 to 44 degrees C.

Remember that AMD CPUs tend to operate at quite high temperatures - in fact my Bios is set to shut it down at 70 degrees C in the event of problems such as the fan failing; maximum permissable temperature is 85 degrees C although I wouldn't like to risk it...:-)

  GazMaz 09:51 22 May 2006

Crikey have I gone through it.
I have done lots of system testing and it seems that the CPU is OK. However I was still getting issues and crashes using 3DMark05 and 2001 tests, so I have adjusted some of the Video setting and also increased the voltage slightly to the CPU, and also I adjusted the FSB as there seemed to be an issue there although I'll adjust it again to double check. And after those adjustments the 3DMark05 and 2001 tests where OK. Prime 95 been running for almost 24 hours as well as the CPUStabTest. So fingers crossed.

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