How to tell if Motherboard will take larger HD

  Solartopi 22:34 27 Aug 2007

Hi Folks,

My Motherboard MS6195 - K7 Pro ATX IR3 Motherboard.

Operating System XP Pro

Is there any way I can tell if my Motherboard will take a much bigger hard drive.

Original hard Drive is 20GB. I wish to put in a 60GB hard drive.

Please HELP!!


  Taff™ 22:47 27 Aug 2007

Not a problem. Suggest you simply keep the OS on the 20Gb drive and put the other in as a slave for your data.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:00 27 Aug 2007

Better still get an external HD..500Gb for around £67 click here


  Strawballs 23:28 27 Aug 2007

Your motherboard will not restrict the size of hard drive as suggested by Taff™ install new one as a slave and save all data to the new one so if windows needs reinstalling you wont loose your data.

  Quiller. 23:48 27 Aug 2007

Your motherboard has just USB1.1. Unless you have upgraded it to USB2.0 you will find an external hard drive very slow. Better to get an internal, as you wanted with a 7200 spin speed and a large cache.

It will be a lot faster than any external drive.

  Solartopi 12:28 28 Aug 2007

Taff™, GANDALF <|:-)> ,Strawballs, quiller,

Thank you all for your advise.

1. If I have a Slave for all my Personal stuff like my writing, all my Family Pictures etc will I have to install my Operating System on to the slave as well.

2. Yes External Hard Drive for backing up I have, but its only 120gig. I have not used it fore some time now.

3. Somebody told me that because my computer is seven yours old, my Motherboard may not be able to take more than a 40 gig Internal Hard Drive. If I did put in anything more than that I'd have to Partition, say 60gig new drive so that my computer will recognise the new drive

4. No I don't have USB2. I put a USB 2 card in some time ago & it was not regognised, so I returned it QVC where I bought it from.


  Quiller. 12:39 28 Aug 2007

1) No. You just need the operating system from your 20Gb drive. It will see the new hard drive as a slave and will allow you to use it for storage.

3) You computer will at least take a 80Gb hard drive with out having to any work with it. You can partition if you want to but you do not have to do it. Go for fast spin speed and a good size cache.

  Taff™ 12:42 28 Aug 2007

1. No - once you`ve installed it format it and start using it as you suggest.
2. Stick with your 120Gb External Drive as an additional storage or backup facility.
3. I think it`s the operating system that determines the ability to see drives but we can cross that bridge if you come to it.
4. With your mobo you won`t know any difference between USB1 & 2 - I don`t!

  Quiller. 12:44 28 Aug 2007

install an internal slave hard drive

click here

Should take around ten minutes.

  Quiller. 12:49 28 Aug 2007

3. It is your bios that determines the maximum size of hard drive the machine will take. They are limited to certain sizes.







Then with 48bit LBA most sizes above this.

Yours bios fits into the 84Gb category, so a 60 or 80Gb drive will be fine.;)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:17 28 Aug 2007

With an external drive there is no restriction on the is a much easier option, believe me. Unless you are gaming, swopping a terabyte of info every hour or video-editing, you will find little difference in USB1 or 2 so the fact that you only have USB1 is irrelevant.


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