How to system restore in Windows 98

  Quilljar 22:58 07 Feb 2005

I believe it is possible to system restore in Win 98 using the DOS input or the bios. Can someone just run me through it please?

  VoG II 23:01 07 Feb 2005

Start/Restart in MS-DOS mode

At the > prompt type

scanreg /restore

  Simsy 23:26 07 Feb 2005

that this is not a system restore in the same way as it is in Win Me or XP...

What is being done with the method suggested above is restoring a previous Registry. System files are not restored.

For a comprehensive "System restore" with win98 you really need an imaging programme such as "Drive Image", or "Ghost", or "True Image".

Having said that, it is often the case that a regfistry repair alone will put right many ills!!

Good luck,



  Quilljar 23:35 07 Feb 2005

I am asking, because a friend has asked me tomorrow to fix his machine which has gone a bit twitchy and lost his CD drive icon. I run XP myself, so have almost forgotten what do do with Win 98 which is on his computer. I'll give it a try anyhow, sounds as if it may work.

  JIM 23:43 07 Feb 2005

lost CD drive icon may succeed with a scanreg/restore.You could also try deleting the cd drive from the device manager then let windows reinstall at reboot.May just put the cd drive icon back in my computer.

  taffyal 17:03 08 Feb 2005

Wish I'd checked on here this a.m.! Assumed it not possible, just finishing a re-install on my spare machine!I learn more each day. Thanks Al.

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