How to store files on web site

  Bandy 14:53 08 Mar 2007

I would like to be able to store some technical drawings on my website so that they can be seen from a number of locations.

I am aware of the concept of password protected directories but have never set one up.

Another query is whether I need to construct some sort of page or database to acces them

I wonder therefore if anyone can point me in the direction of a starting point, either to start off my reading or construction.

Thank you in advance

  Forum Editor 18:19 08 Mar 2007

and how many files are there?

If there aren't too many - say a hundred or so, and you simply want to allow visitors to have a copy of the drawings the best way is to convert them to PDF files, and put them into a separate directory on the server. You can then create a table on an html page and fill it with hyperlinks to individual drawings. Most people have Adobe Acrobat reader on their computers, and clicking a link will display the drawing in the reader.

Otherwise, you can convert the drawings to JPEG images and link to them in a similar way. These files will be displayed in a visitor's browser in the normal way.

One of the problems with Autocad drawings is that they can be physically large, and have to be reduced in size if you make PDFs of them. This creates problems with scale. You'll not be able to display files like this in the browser, but you can certainly offer them as downloads - provided your recipients have autocad software in which to open them.

If you supply a bit more information about what you want to do one of us will help in more detail.

  Bandy 19:01 08 Mar 2007

The number of drawings I'm thinking about is not great, and within the hundred or so that you mention, and they are currently constructed using Autocad.

Although I'm now retired I sometimes help out a friend who has a small engineering business and it would be useful to have access to those drawings when away from home.

I know that a laptop would easily solve any problem, but rather like the idea of being able to access/download those drawings via the internet. The remote locations of which I'm thinking all have internet facilities.

A pdf form of any drawing would be useful for small standard parts and for discussion purposes where larger items are concerned, but it would also be very useful to see/amend the drawing at the remote site when taking measurements.

As you will gather I haven't fully thought out the idea but think that it could be a very useful facility, and for me, an interesting challenge.

Please don't hesitate to tell me if this is not thought out, not a good idea, or not really viable, however I would like to push it a bit further - mainly so that it pushes me a bit further

  Bandy 19:02 08 Mar 2007

Forgot to add that it will only be me or my friend accessing the files.

  ScanJet 22:50 08 Mar 2007

Something very close can be achieved using the free 3d viewer from Autodesk - its then a matter of amending the code to take variables , namely the name of the file you would like to access which you can submit using a form via your site - the server needs to be php enabled.

First you can publish the drawing to 3d DWF (from file menu in AutoCad / Arch Desktop), upload the file to your server and then using the website access it through the viewer. The drawings can then be rotated, shading adjusted etc. downloaded, saved and printed.

You can see an example here(click here) on my site - Just log in using 'guest1' and use job id 'mt' to see sample drawing. If this is close to what you need let me know via the site and I 'll send you the code.

Hope this helps.


  ScanJet 22:55 08 Mar 2007

Sorry..... forgot to say that you may be prompted to download the viewer from the Autodesk website....


  Bandy 09:38 09 Mar 2007


Thank you for your response, and it would appear to go quite a long way towards what I want.

Its difficult to be more precise however because I cant get the 3d viewer to work correctly when on your site. It keeps aking if I want to run scripts/active x, but if allowed it then comes up with script errors.

This is obviously a problem on my machine which I have not yet solved

  Bandy 09:43 09 Mar 2007

Just found another snag.

I'm using Autocad 2000 and don't seem to have the ability to save files as 3d DWF

  Bandy 16:56 09 Mar 2007

As a starting point in trying out various methods I put some links to a few autocad drawings on my friends website, hosted by 1and1, so that he could have them available for download.

The links didn't work and gave a page 404 error of file not found.

I then tried the same thing on my own site, hosted by Heart Internet, and the links worked perfectly.

After a very long telephone conversation with 1and1 it appears that their servers do not recognize the Autocad extension .dwg. So that was the reason for the 404 error.

1and1 tell me that they are now evaluating the possibility of getting their servers to recognize the .dwg extension.

A fine response, but surely I can't be the first person to put such links on a site hosted by them.

  Forum Editor 10:13 10 Mar 2007

over the years, and in my experience Heart Internet leave the others standing when it comes to support and facilities. I have operated a reseller account with them for over two years now, and host lots of my clients' sites. I've had no more than four or five very minor problems in that time, and they've all been resolved within a couple of hours.

  Bandy 12:06 10 Mar 2007

Thanks for your comment FE and I heartily (sic) agree with your comments.

I suspect that my friend may well change hosts if 1and1 don't reply positively to him fairly quickly.

How shall I put it, he's almost at retiring age but his temper can still be that of a teenager

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