How to stop ZA Security Options at bootup? Help pl

  bof:) 12:29 17 Aug 2009

Hi all, when my laptop boots up I get a 'Zone Alarm Security Options' box appearing. I am given two options within the box, these are,...'Show me now' and 'No thank you'.

If I choose no thank you the box disappears until I next boot up the laptop.

If I select 'show me now', I get taken to a Zone Alarm site which lists other Zone alarm products that can be added to my ZA free firewall.

I've looked on this page for a no thank you, do not want any,etc but cannot find anything. All I can do is cancel the page.

This is ok until I boot up the laptop and again get the ZA Security options box appear.

I've looked in msconfig to see if there anything in there that's ZA related but can only find the normal ZA start up line.

Could someone please show me how to get rid of this annoying ZA security optios box please.

many thanks,


  johnnyrocker 19:47 17 Aug 2009

uninstall and find a more reliable firewall with no persistence such as sygate


  bof:) 08:58 18 Aug 2009


  Technotiger 09:03 18 Aug 2009

You could try re-downloading and installing ZA from one of the sites mentioned here ... Or - choose a different free firewall ...

click here

  bof:) 11:12 24 Aug 2009

Hi all, I've deleted Zone Alarm from my PC and installed Sunbelt Personal firewall instead. Zone Alarm popup has not reappeared.

Many thanks for your help its appreciated.


  Technotiger 15:04 24 Aug 2009

Thanks for your feedback - I also use Sunbelt Pers (paid for version) 'cos I liked the trial version.

Don't forget to Green-tick this thread Resolved ... Cheers.

  fullyfitted 16:11 24 Aug 2009


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