how to stop sending multiple emails

  eedcam 10:28 04 Sep 2007

A friend has recently started to send multiple copies of the same emailto me .Not by his choice does anyone know what causes this and how to stop it.It is being sent by outlook express

  Seth Haniel 10:36 04 Sep 2007

needs scan with spybot or similar

probably sending to all in his Outlook adresss book

  eedcam 12:48 04 Sep 2007

Thanks does'nt appear to be sending multiples to anyone other than intended.Would'nt have thought in that case a trojan would only send with individual mails wI'll get him to try a scan as you suggested

  interzone55 13:18 04 Sep 2007

Get him to check his address book, he may have you set up as a group rather than a contact, with your address in group more than once

  eedcam 13:38 04 Sep 2007

Thanks alan will do

  David4637 14:25 04 Sep 2007

I sometimes receive duplicate emails from OE senders, any ideas how to stop them? Thanks David

  eedcam 14:35 04 Sep 2007

Alan I checked your idea out by doing that myself if you put the same address in several times it still only sends one mail to thtaddress

  eedcam 13:33 05 Sep 2007

Ok sorted turned out to be serious dum dum at work Thanks

  xquest 13:58 19 Feb 2008

Under this subject of sending multiple emails a friend is having this problem. His recipients occasionally (not always) get anything from 6, 16, 40 and yesterday's record - 60! copies of the same email. I have received only 4 duplicates and that was some weeks ago, since when I only get the normal single copy. He is on XP (SP2) and transmits wirelessly from his PC to the router in another room. Is it possible for the radio link to generate echoes which end up as multiple emails ? I've suggested he reverts to the cable link to see what happens.
Any ideas ?

  Sea Urchin 18:54 19 Feb 2008

Not a very sensible idea to hijack a six month old resolved thread and expect to get much response. You need to post your own thread with appropriate title and you may get more luck

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