How to stop Google Chrome Help from popping up?

  Pineman100 12:22 05 Jan 2014

My sister called me yesterday to help her with a nuisance problem that she has with Google Chrome.

She has just started using Chrome and every time she launches it, within a minute or two, Google Chrome Help pops up over the top of whatever she was doing.

I'm assuming that this is a new tab which launches automatically until you click some sort of "Don't appear again" checkbox. But as I'm not a Chrome user (and my sister is a very inexpert computer user!) I can't explain to her exactly what to do to stop this.

Can anyone please explain exactly how to stop this Help tab from opening up automatically?

  spuds 13:29 05 Jan 2014

I have just put "How to stop Google Chrome Help from popping up" (your title heading) in a Google search and many suggestions came up, including YouTube video's.

Far to many to provide links to, so perhaps try a quick Google search for some ideas and possible solutions?.

  Pineman100 16:44 05 Jan 2014

Thanks for that, spuds. I did google for this problem before I posted, but all of the links I found seemed to relate to stopping popups in general in Chrome. I couldn't find anything relating to Chrome Help.

I assumed that, because Help is part of Chrome itself, it wouldn't be regarded as just any old popup ad, and might need a special switch-off method.

  Woolwell 18:28 05 Jan 2014

I have not experienced a help pop-up with Chrome. I am concerned that your sister has mal-ware which seems to be Chrome help. Suggest a virus and malware scan. But this thread google chrome forum suggests that uninstalling Chrome and reinstalling it will fix the snag. Was Chrome downloaded and installed from Google?

  Pineman100 19:00 05 Jan 2014

Thanks for responding Woolwell.

I don't know whether Chrome was downloaded direct from Google. However, I think your suggestion that it's best to uninstall it, then reinstall direct from Google is a good one. I'll suggest it to my sister.

Many thanks again.

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