How to speed up my pc

  craggy g 16:52 12 Nov 2005

my computers running a bit slow does any1 no any free software i can dowload,no ram optimizers they dont work

  Skills 17:00 12 Nov 2005

Try running a disk clean up program such as ccleaner click here or cleanup click here

Those will clear out the temporary files that build up over time.

You can also try defragging your hard drive, check for virus and spyware just to make sure you have nothing nasty slowing your system down. If you install and uninstall alot of software it may also be useful to use a registry cleaner.

  Superstylin 17:02 12 Nov 2005

if you haven't already got your os set to 'optimized for best performance' then try that as well

  craggy g 17:05 12 Nov 2005

ive tried all that except the registry cleaner where do i get one. i hav got two keyloggers on 'svchost' but norton wont get rid of them and i dont no how

  citadel 17:08 12 Nov 2005

add more ram

  Skills 17:12 12 Nov 2005

OK lets get rid of the keyloggers before we do a reg clean download adaware from click here

Download spybot from click here

If you are using windows XP or 2000 download ewido from click here

and if your on XP MS antispyware from click here

Update all of them and do a full system scan.

  Superstylin 17:14 12 Nov 2005

list of reg cleaners click here scroll down past the paid adverts

  keewaa 17:19 12 Nov 2005

If you've got keyloggers, maybe you've got other things. It might save you time and peace of mind just to reinstall everything. Sometimes it ends up being as quick once you start scanning and trying to locate any infections and clean them out. After all once your computer is compromised the only way of being 100% sure it's clean is to reformat and reinsatll. Depends what you think.

  Diemmess 17:31 12 Nov 2005

citadel said this already but my rule of thumb for MINIMUM RAM would be ->

Win 98 or ME 250Mb
Win 2K or XP 500MB

Advantage diminishes as the amount increases and W98 goes wildly unstable over 500Mb.
Too little RAM and the computer has to read and write from a virtual folder on the HD.

As well as this, have a careful look at programs that load on startup. Most of them are not needed at startup and will load quickly as and when you need them.

  craggy g 18:10 12 Nov 2005

Thank you everyone who posted i tried all your ideas now its running smoothly

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