how to show a different address?

  palinka 19:28 24 May 2006

I use one email account for everything but I have 2 email addresses. 90% of the time I 'm happy that my normal email address shows on emails I send, but there's 10% when I want emails to appear to come from the other address. I can fix this via Tools>accounts>properties & then set "email address" and "reply address" to the alternative one. But this is a long winded way to use every time I want to do this. Is there some way that I can "Toggle " between two addresses easily?

  Ikelos 19:42 24 May 2006

if you use OE, then once the email acccounts are set up the little arrow at the end of the "from" box will show all the addresses, so you just click on the one you want..

  Taff™ 08:12 25 May 2006

In Outlook when you send a new message you need to select the "Accounts" button next to the "Send" button and select the appropriate account.

  stlucia 09:18 25 May 2006

The key is that you have to set up a separate account for each of your email addresses, even if they're with the same ISP. Then, as others have said, you'll get a drop-down menu showing each account on the Send/Receive button and other buttons.

  palinka 09:41 25 May 2006

thanks, everyone.

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