How should I work with my email templates?

  Mjones68 15:25 23 Jan 2014

Hi, I seem to spend all my day, writing the same emails over and over again, so I’ve tried to create templates for these. I did this by just listing them all in a word document and numbering them. The problem is that the size of the document is just getting silly, as I now have over 150 templates and they are still growing.

I would love to set up some kind of index on the first couple of pages, so for example I would have 10-15 templates under ‘Legal templates’, a similar amount under ‘Recruitment templates’ etc and then I would just have to click on the one I wanted (with some kind of hyperlink) and then I would immediately be taken to the relevant email template.

I just seem to be going around in circles trying to make this work. Has anyone else tried this and can advise on the best solution? I don’t need detailed instructions, just a rough idea of what the feature is in ‘MS Word’ to do this and then I can google it, to get detailed instructions.

Any other tips from someone who’s done this would be very much appreciated ie Is there another solutions such as storing all of the templates in MS Outlook rather than word? I’m certainly open to everyone's advice and ideas!

I’m currently still on XP/Office 2002, but I’m doing a big jump to 8/Office 2013 next week (I’m sure that the change over will be lots of fun and games!!)

Thanks very much,


  wee eddie 12:33 24 Jan 2014

I can't decide whether this is a wind up or not.

Create a Folder called "Templates"

Fill it with Word documents ~ each containing an individual Template with the Title of the Document being explanatory of the Template contained within.

They will, of course, be sorted alphabetically unless you decide otherwise

  wee eddie 13:45 31 Jan 2014

If you are absolutely set on keeping all your Templates in a Single Document, there is a way to do what you want to do, although, considering the number of Templates that you say you have, it will make for a very unwieldy document.

At the beginning of your Document > Create an Index of all the Templates therein > It is a good idea to use the same set of words in the Index as you do at the beginning of the relevant Template > On the Top Right of your Word Document is a ?, which is the Help Button > Open this and type "Hyperlink" into the Search Box ~ That's you > Best of luck

  wiz-king 18:18 03 Feb 2014

In Word store your templates as separate documents, select the one you want to use - modify it the go to the file tab then chose the 'save and send, this will open your email with the file as an attachment.

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