How should I declutter and speed up my PC?

  CapriSunn 14:34 14 Jun 2015


So a couple years ago I asked a friend of mine if he could build me a custom PC to replace our old family PC we had had for years. He agreed and made really nice PC with loads of up-to-date parts (don't ask me for details I have no idea!). Suffice to say, we replaced our PC, got a new monitor and everything was groovy.

A couple years passed since then and now the computer is super sluggish. I pretty much exclusively us my laptop and leave the PC as a "family computer" type system. Over the years my father and sister who use it the most (and have the little technological prowess in terms of not just downloading tons of crap and actually managing files) have filled it up with LOADS of random documents, files, images, multiple copies of files because they don't understand how downloading works etc.

Summer is coming up, and I will be free for once so I want to play video games with my friends using the (usually fast) PC, but it is really sluggish now. Opening any application is a chore as there is loads of start up time, and it will consistently freeze and programmes will not respond. I know the computer is technically brilliant, but I need to return it to its former glory, which I plan to do as soon as school is over.

So I need advice since I have no idea what to do, other than just go through and delete all the unnecessary files one by one. Is there an efficient way to declutter my PC? Are there other ways to improve speed and performance? Are there programmes that can help me out? I seek aid from any technical wizards, and any people who don't like to see a good PC go to waste.

Thank you for any help!

  Ian in Northampton 14:45 14 Jun 2015

IMHO, the only way of returning it to its ex-factory condition is to do a complete fresh reinstall of Windows. That will remove all the crap. If there's anything you want/need to keep, back it up to an external drive first.

You can try downloading/running CCleaner, and this will undoubtedly be helpful. What it won't do, though, is to remove all the user documents that have piled up over the years. Perhaps try CCleaner first and, if you don't see the improvement you're looking for, go for the reinstall.

  CapriSunn 14:59 14 Jun 2015

Thanks for the reply. I have CCleaner on the PC funnily enough, but whenever I try to run it it takes soooooo long to analyse since there is so much crap to sift through and then it eventually stops responding. I might just have to the fresh reinstall then.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:55 14 Jun 2015

Its probably full of malware and viruses what antivirus do you use and is it upto date?

As Ian says it's probably better to start fresh.

Make sure you have all the install files for you programs so you can reload them.

Make sure you have all serial No.s and drivers etc. before you start.

  rdave13 17:17 14 Jun 2015

I agree with the above. For all of your drivers I would recommend Double Driver. It can back-up all your drivers and restore quite easily.

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