How to share internet connection with Netvigator.

  faheem178 21:34 01 Nov 2005

hi, i have wireless netvigator internet connection. i want to share my internet connection from my pc to the laptop. my laptop has wireless built into it and i have a wireless adaptor for my pc. can anyone advise me how to share the connection. will it be using a router or something else. thanks

  faheem178 07:27 02 Nov 2005

why isn't anyone helping me, please help i really need to know about this.

  mgmcc 11:41 02 Nov 2005

The conventional method would be to enable "Internet Connection Sharing" on the actual connection to the internet within the Network Connections folder. I'm not familiar with the type of connection you are using, but presumably you have an entry for it in the folder?

Normally, when you enable "ICS" on an internet connection, it automatically configures your Local Area Connection (your "wired" network adapter, if fitted). Therefore, as you want your "Wireless" adapter to be used to connect to the "Client" PC to share the connection, the Local Area Connection should be right clicked and "Disabled".

Then, right click your internet connection (the Netvigator connection), select Properties, then the Advanced tab. Tick the box "Allow other network users...etc" and click OK. This should configure your "Wireless Network Connection" with the IP address and subnet

The "Client" PC should be set to get its IP address automatically, which it does by DHCP from the ICS "Host" PC.

As regards the Wireless Network, you need to configure both wireless adapters to connect to an "Ad Hoc" (though it may be referred to as Peer-to-Peer) wireless network. Give both adapters the same SSID (WiFi network name) and Channel number. An "Ad Hoc" network is one in which the PCs communicate directly with one another, rather than through a Wireless Access Point as with a router.

The drawback with "Internet Connection Sharing" is that the Host PC needs to be online for the Client PC to have internet access. A router overcomes this problem, but whether that is an option depends on how you connect to the Netvigator service (ethernet cable between PC and "modem"?) and whether a router could negotiate an internet connection directly with the ISP. When a router is installed, it is the router and not the networked PCs which connects directly with the ISP.

For Internet Connection Sharing, any firewall software needs to be configured to allow access to the networked computers, normally by adding their IP addresses to the firewall's *trusted* area. In the case of Zone Alarm, the Internet Zone Security level in the "Host" PC must be reduced from High to Medium or ICS traffic will be blocked.

  faheem178 20:44 02 Nov 2005

thanks for the help, so your saying that i don't need a wireless acces point or a router to share the connection, i can do it with my wireless adapter and the wireless in the laptop.

  mgmcc 08:33 03 Nov 2005

<<< i can do it with my wireless adapter and the wireless in the laptop. >>>

Correct, provided Windows will allow you to enable Interent Connection Sharing on the "Netvigator" connection and provided its wireless system doesn't cause a conflict with the 802.11b/g WiFi, it should work OK.

I'm only cautious because I'm not familiar with a wirelessly delivered ISP service - there is no problem in setting up Internet Connection Sharing with a Dialup connection, ADSL connection or Ethernet connection when there is a free network adapter to connect to the "client" PC with (which you have with your "wireless" adapter).

It appears that you already have the necessary WiFi adapters, so give it a try :)

  faheem178 10:12 03 Nov 2005

alrite thanks i'll give it a try.

  faheem178 11:21 03 Nov 2005

thanks i did manage to make a adhoc connection. and both the computer and the laptop are connected with each other, but on both of the computers wirelwss connection properties, in the activity it is only sending stuff but not reicveing, thats why i can't conect to the internet on my computer. please help

  faheem178 12:12 03 Nov 2005

thnks mgmcc for the help i finally got the internet set up on both of my machines, thanks a lot

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