How to setup WEP ?

  jaffa43 21:00 01 Feb 2007

This may be an obvious question to some but how do i setup WEP for my wireless router ?
I have tried several times but every time the net connection is lost and i have to go through the manual setup to get access back for the router.I'm using a Netgear MR814 router coupled up with Ashton Digital Air Dash USB sticks in my pc and my sons for the wireless connection.I did input the same identical WEP key into both the router and the two air dash sticks but it didn't work.Am i missing something really obvious or have i simply not done something correctly.
Any advice is much appreciated (especially step by step instructions) lol.
Cheers guys.

  skidzy 21:04 01 Feb 2007

" I did input the same identical WEP key into both the router and the two air dash sticks but it didn't work "

Are you absolutely positive,the WEP key is case sensitive,sorry for stating the obvious.

  jaffa43 21:11 01 Feb 2007

Absolutely mate - i inputted the key manually and later tried copy and paste,with no luck.And i was told setting up WEP was easy HA!

  skidzy 21:17 01 Feb 2007

Wep is the easier one to setup normally.

I think the best way is to use a usb flash drive to carry the router settings from the host pc to the the other computers.
Start/Control panel and select Wireless setup wizard and follow the prompts.

  Rtus 21:19 01 Feb 2007
  jaffa43 21:44 01 Feb 2007

Thanks for the suggestions guys.I'll try them tomorrow as i'm too tired to do anything right now.I'll post again to let you know if sucess has developed lol.
Thanks again.

  jaffa43 15:53 08 Feb 2007

HI guys.Sorry i've been so long replying but work has been very hectic.
I tried the wireless network setup wizard but it halts with a message about the wireless software installed on my pc and that it may not complete sucessfully and merely stops at this point.I think i'm going to have to do it the hard and long way by the looks of it lol.

  skidzy 16:29 08 Feb 2007

Jaffa,uninstall the software for the router,it is not needed.All you need is the router and the host pc to collect the settings.

This may help click here

  jaffa43 19:11 08 Feb 2007

The router does not have any software installed for it on the pc.All i did to install was plug it in and windows found it and cinfigured it.I only access the router via an internet page,to make changes etc.The only software i installed was for the usb wireless sticks on the enabled pc's.Also thew windows setup wizard for doing the job automatically says to plug my flash drive into the router,which can't be done as it doesn't have a usb port.I have tried going the long way around on this one but doing something as simple as altering the SSID name results in my connection vanishing.I'm begining to pull out my hair in frustration and am going slightly bald as a result.

  jaffa43 17:14 11 Mar 2007

Problem sorted out after mailing Netgear for advice.Now running encrypted connection.Thanks to all who gave advice

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