How to setup USB NTL B/band across Network

  Mark-335400 20:00 08 May 2003

I have just had NTL 150K Broadband installed on one machine via USB and everything works fine. What I want to do is enable my other two PC'S that are all connected (all 3) via a 100MBPS network hub so that these can also take advantage of it. As I will only ever use 1 pc at a time time I dont want to set it up via Internet connection sharing through the pc with the usb broadband connection (as my mother picks up the noise/vibration of the pc with the usb connection late at night and chucks her dummy out)Therefore can anyone advise on how to access broadband via the network hub without having to have the main connection pc running as otherwise I will have to be off the dam thing by 11.00pm in order to have a peaceful life. Thanks in advance

  Mark-335400 23:17 08 May 2003


  Mark-335400 23:18 08 May 2003


  hugh-265156 23:25 08 May 2003

i cant answer you question but a really good info page on all things cable is click here

  hugh-265156 23:26 08 May 2003

this bit click here

  sunnysingh 23:28 08 May 2003

go 4 bt broadband so easy to install - my nephew who is 7 installed it??

  Qmar 23:59 08 May 2003

usb connections aren't noisy.(?).you need to re-phrase the query as it is not clear IMHO.

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