how to setup an FTP

  ©®@$? 10:47 09 Jan 2004

any clues guys

i have windows xp

i would like to be able to have an ftp address so people can view my files etc

how can this be achieved thanks!

  Chegs ® 10:52 09 Jan 2004

I asked my ISP,they explained howto setup transfer of files to my webspace.Also have a look here click here

  ©®@$? 11:49 09 Jan 2004


am i being naive or can it be done in a way that someone can connect to my computer, basically have my computer as the server and poeple can log into my ftp/computer,i would prefer that i'm sure it can be done, but as you can tell i have never done this before

  ©®@$? 11:54 09 Jan 2004

i think i am being naive, so it has to be done via webspace?

i thought it might be possible for people to connect to my computer, instead of me having to upload to webspace

like create a restircted area on my computer,create an address to it and login password, give my dad his login details and he can connect to my computer?>

  Chegs ® 11:56 09 Jan 2004

It can be done,but I read somewhere in PCA its not easy.Running a server isn't recommended,

a)its not easy

b)opening up your system to all and sundry is very risky.

  Terrahawk 11:59 09 Jan 2004

to set your pc up as an ftp server you would need a server program such as bulletproof ftp server a static ip or a domain. (would be a pain having to tell every body your new ip addy each time you connect)click here ftp server here usefull if you dont have a static ip you will also need to be aware of any band width restrictions from your isp.And finaly some of these may help click here

  Terrahawk 12:05 09 Jan 2004

ftp is more secure than p2p yet millions of people risk it every day.Yes their are risks but these can be minimised basic things like give users strong passwords dont allow anonymous log on

  ©®@$? 12:19 09 Jan 2004

i'll look into it thanks!

  ©®@$? 18:57 09 Jan 2004

i've just been playing around with this bulletproof, i have set an account up from my freind to log into the ftp, i have allocated a username and password login

now how does my friend login, do i give him my ip address, as i have this setup, and then when he puts my ip in the browser will it bring up a login box, is it that simple or am i missing something

i take it you just have USB/PCI modem...

If you have a router you need to use DMZ to enable traffic forwarding...

Otherwise, you mate will get nowhere!

  ©®@$? 19:24 09 Jan 2004

its ok yes i have a usb modem, and its working fine,the way i said above

thanks anyway

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