How to set up a reminder to back up

  swapper 12:59 16 Oct 2011

I have windows XPpro desktop, and also a Laptop with Vista home. I keep forgetting to back up with Acronis on both (to my cost).

Is there a free/shareware programme that I can use that would remind me to backup when I first log on, say once a week or something?


  rdave13 13:28 16 Oct 2011

Scroll down to 'How To Create Alarms And Reminders With Windows Xp's Scheduling Service'

Click here

  Zeppelyn 15:04 16 Oct 2011

Why do you need anything else when Acronis can be set to back up on schedule.

  Muergo 20:30 16 Oct 2011

I agree with Zeppelyn, you can set acronis to a timed backup or even a continuous backup if you have enough capacity on hard drive. I back up to an external hard drive and every so often clear it out and start afresh with a full backup then incremental.

  Terry Brown 20:48 16 Oct 2011

If yuou want a 'Calender type' reminder try google calener or if you have Microsoft office do the same in that.

With google you can have a reminder sent to your mobile phone if you require (not sure if any cost)


  swapper 16:10 17 Oct 2011

Thank you all, I have set up Acronis to remind me tomorrow?? I'm hoping that it will not start automatcially to do a backup, but give me the option, anyway I'll wait and see.

tvm again.

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