How to set up NTL Broadband on Mandrake 9.1

  keith-236785 09:47 11 Feb 2004


I am toying with the idea of moving over to Linux, I have downloaded, Burnt & installed Mandrake 9.1 on a dual boot with windows XP Pro.

The problem is that being new to linux, i don't know how to set up linux to access the NTL Broadband connection.

I have all the details i need (i think), Mac address, ip address, default gateway etc.....

all i need now is some kind soul out there to guide me through the setup, step by step.

Thanks in advance


  keith-236785 11:04 11 Feb 2004

? bump ?

  JerryJay 11:17 11 Feb 2004

If your modem connect to your computer through a Ethernet (normal network) port, the network should be automatically recognised by most modern OS. I use ADSL and tried SUSE linux. Do not need to do anything. Same is true for WinXP and Win2K. Of course, you need to "activate" your modem first. This can be done by software supplied with modem which normally only run on Windows. Once "actiate"/ set up has been done, connection details including username and password should be stored in firmware of modem. Different modem works differently. I only speak my personal experience. If you do not need to login (NTL) everytime you start your machine, then info should be store on modem's firmware. Otherwise, you need to contact NTL for login software for linux (i think)

  dth 11:29 11 Feb 2004

If you use a router approach it should be staright forward and no separate software is needed. If you have a usb modem then it is more difficult to get set up with Linux.

  nyleridedog 11:36 11 Feb 2004

This is NOT an official HowTo, this is just a description of the steps that worked for me. I cannot promise that this will work for you, just that it worked for me. If you find anything wildly different, please e-mail me. I will try to help as and when I can if you have problems. I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR PROBLEMS YOU EXPERIENCE!. I have assumed that you already have Linux installed and working on a system. I have used the RedHat 5.2, 6.0 6.1 7.0, Mandrake 6.0, 7.0 and 7.1 distributions and have implemented a small network with ip masquerading onto the the internet using the following steps.

Once the cable modem has been installed and you are happy that the connection is working properly under windows, shut the system down and observing all appropriate anti static precautions, move the network card into your Linux system (ignore this if you dual boot Windows and Linux on the same system)

Boot up Linux and configure the network card as the appropriate interface (eth0 or eth1). Blueyonder use DHCP to allocate addresses so the card must be configured to use DHCP for IP address allocation. If you use a distribution that includes kudzu this configuration will (probably) happen automagically during system startup. Otherwise log-in as "root" and configure the network card (with linuxconf or whichever method you prefer).

Download and install a suitable firewall package for your Linux. Personally I like the pmfirewall package from click here, this package works well with DHCP.

IMPORTANT: if you are using a firewall (if not, why not?), ensure that you use dhcpcd and not pump to manage the DHCP lease as you will at best loose connectivity if you ever get a new IP address (at worst your firewall wil be wide open).

Configure appropriate services. The terms and conditions of the service require that any services you offer to the outside world must not allow anonymous login and must limit to no more that 10 simutaneous connections.

It is a good idea to shut the Linux system down and check that everything works properly when the system restarts as the time to correct any problems is now, while the details are fresh in your mind.

  keith-236785 11:47 11 Feb 2004


typically i have connected via USB....

using the bootable Knoppix my internet works OK. but with Mandrake i dont know how to set it up.

i dont have a router, just a ntl modem with USB or LAN connection, to use the lan, i would have to open my pc and chuck in a lan card, configure it and then swap (reset) my connection with ntl.


unfortunately NTLWORLD do not support linux (after being on helpline and going through the "let us just check your system" crap, i was abruptly told NO we dont support linux.)

so here i am stuck, if as you suggest it will work via lan then i will put in a lan card and try. i already have a lan card in for my network connection so i suppose i could use that. But it will be the weekend before i can do that (kids wont allow me to open pc, little fingers if you know what i mean).

so software options first if any then hardware later.

thanks to both of you for your thoughts.

any more ideas would be welcome

  keith-236785 11:52 11 Feb 2004

thanks for that mate, is the problem arising because i am connected via USB and not ethernet?

also as a newbie, i have no idea how to set up anything, or even to log onto root.

i think i will change to ehernet card and see if that helps

  JerryJay 12:52 11 Feb 2004

Try lan port. same as dth, it should work. You can get a network card from £2.23 from ebuyer click here. If you do not want to open your PC, you can get a usb one click here

  JerryJay 12:53 11 Feb 2004

another usb one click here

  keith-236785 23:07 11 Feb 2004

Sorry i didnt respond, i had to leave for work.

i will try again tomorrow to get on NTL through mandrake, but i dont hold out much hope.

can anyone explain what i need to do on mandrake to make the internet connection work?

any advice is welcome


  Valvegrid 06:43 12 Feb 2004

Sorry I can't offer much advice, but I just wanted to add this to my postings because I am on NTL and want to try Linux.


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