How to set up Internet sharing via Firewire

  martinlest 09:27 01 Sep 2006

Hello. I have been trying to set up a shared internet connection between my PC (which has access to broadband via a USB modem) and my laptop, which has no internet access or software at all, IE6 apart. I already have file and printer sharing working fine between the two, but cannot get the internet sharing to work at all using the Network Setup wizard. (Both machines run XP Home). I tried turning off both firewalls temporarily, just in case I hadn't configured them correctly, but still no internet is available on the laptop.

I have browsed the net to find a solution but in vain. (Several people on various forums have concluded it will never work and have given up, which is not encouraging!).

I wonder if anyone here would be able to give me a step by step guide to how to set this up. The fact that I have file sharing working OK via the firewire cable seems to indicate I am half way there.

Thank you,


  martinlest 15:22 01 Sep 2006

I sorted this out - a long process but it's now working. Thought I'd post back to save anyone the time of writing a long reply!


  vinnyT 15:56 01 Sep 2006


Suggest you write down, in word or other, while it is still fresh in memory, exactly how you did it. Then if someone else has the same prob, you will be able to copy & paste to sort it out for them.

  martinlest 18:35 01 Sep 2006

That's exactly what I did as soon as it was successful! Great minds (?) thinking alike!

M. :-)

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