How to set up firewall on router/secure wireless

  computernerdiamnot 16:24 18 May 2004

I have just installed a Netgear dg834g wireless modem router.

I have one laptop connected using a wireless card from inside my laptop and a netgear usb adapter for the second laptop.

I am a bit confused as how to secure the wireless connections and i noticed i had to reduce my own firewall on f-secure, can anyone point me what to do and settings to change.



  GaT7 16:54 18 May 2004

click here, look in the 'How are a Computer's Ports Secured?' link or click here. HTH, G

  TomJerry 17:10 18 May 2004

(1) Set MAC address access restriction on your wireless router, i.e. put laptop wireless card's MAC address in the list, so only your laptop can access your router assuming you do not want everyone in your street use your network.

(2) Once communication set up, turn off network id broadcast on your router.

(3) Turn on WEP encryption on router and laptop and use strongest encryption available.

This is best can be done, but I doubt anyone would go through all trouble to hack into a personal network.

As for firewall. It is a wall between your personal net to big wild internet. If your router has its function, trun it on. All router use NAT (network address translation), so certain security has been achieved by NAT.

You can check if your PC is safe fron network from here

  computernerdiamnot 17:29 18 May 2004

What is the wep key

and whee do i turn the NAT on.

  TomJerry 19:32 18 May 2004

All router use Nat, you do not need to do anything. As for WEP (Wired Equivelent Protocol), check the manual of your wireless router, it should tell you how to setup wep etc.

The main purpose of wep is to prevent snopping, i.e. someone out there intercept your wireless connection out of thin air with some special equipment and then get all your data which transmitted. Anyone in your street do this?
With wep encryption, they cannot make any sense with data. But, if someone has special equipment to intercept data, then crack wep key is not difficult for them.

By the way: "WEP ‘WILL’ slow down your wireless network. Expect a 20-50% reduction in speed depending on the products you are using. The speed issue is often the result of an access point without enough processing power." This would not matter if your main purpose is internet sharing because even slow wireless speed with speed reduction is still faster than broadband.

  TomJerry 19:34 18 May 2004

some infor from homenethelp click here

Any network adapter coming within range of another 802.11b network adapter or access point can instantly connect and join the network unless WEP – wireless encryption protocol – is enabled. WEP is secure enough for most homes and business’ but don’t think it can’t be hacked. There are several flaws in WEP making it unusable for high security applications. At this point, it takes some serious hacking abilities to bust into a WEP enabled network so home users should not worry.

Encryption keys
Encryption comes in 64bit and 128bit key varieties. All your nodes must be at the same encryption level with the same key to operate. 40bit and 64bit encryption is the same thing, it’s just a matter of how the manufacturer decided to label the product. Often 128bit cards can often be placed in 40/64bit mode

  computernerdiamnot 20:35 18 May 2004

I was reading the manual of the CD rom. Thanks for the help. From what i can gather is, 1 set like a pass word on one laptop through the IP address and then do the same on the other laptop using the same password, is this right or am i being a bit thick. Its just been a long day and all my thinking is a bit hazey

  computernerdiamnot 21:24 18 May 2004

Ok i have set up a password and it gave me four keys doing it on 64bit, selected one key and used that as the pass key. went alright went to the second computer and i was locked out for setting that one to 64bit and to share same key. i have had to disabe the Wep so that both computers can access internet. What am i doing wrong.

  byfordr 21:39 18 May 2004

I always find that it is easiest to set up a wireless network by using cat5 cable to plumb the pc into the router. Set up the wireless options then take out the networking cable (assuming you have a network port on the pc) the cat5 cable is supplied in the box.

Some netgear support pages click here select the products you want. Also worth updating the firmware. Follow instructions carefully if you do this! There is a reset button should you need it.

Hopefully you enjoyed you afternoon surfing in the sun!


  computernerdiamnot 21:59 18 May 2004

So basically i got it right but plug both laptops in with the cat5 cables, suprisingly i had to do that to revert it back, why i did not think about that must of had a few to many in the garden. I also found out to upgrade with the cat5 cable as well. Cheers for all your help. :))

  byfordr 22:08 18 May 2004

Also worth locking down the network with the "Trusted" network option.


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