How to send a group of photos in one email?

  Triprajul 02:28 02 Aug 2010


My wife and I are on vacation in Canada. She loves to take photos with her mobile which she then emails to herself using her mobile. She now has numerous emails but each email only has one photo. Now, she wants to send some of these photos to a friend but she wants to send him one email with many photos. How can she do this? She uses yahoo mail but her friend uses hotmail if this is important. Finally, step by step directions would be greatly because I am simply not a computer genius. Thank you in advance for any advice given.

  LAP 06:27 02 Aug 2010

Place all the photos in one folder on your computer.

Open the folder

Hold the control button down and left click on each photo to highlight the ones you wish to send.

Then right click and select from the drop down menu 'Send to' then select 'Mail Recipient'

  mooly 07:13 02 Aug 2010

You have to download (as Yahoo is web mail) all the photos from each email and save them on the PC.
You then send an email to whoever and attach the photos to the message using the "attach" function in Yahoo.
As Lap mentions, you can also put them all in one folder and just attach that.
As it's web based email I'm sure you have to use the attach function.

Remember to perhaps reduce the size of the pics for email (you can use "paint") to around 200kb for each. Think you have a max of 20mb attachment per email with Yahoo.

  Catastrophe 08:31 02 Aug 2010

You can also insert many photos into one Word doc and attach that.

  kristain 08:40 02 Aug 2010

Put all pics in a folder and compress it using the following method:

1. right click on folder
2. Click on compress

once done send it to mail as the compressed folder is treated as a single file.

  ^wave^ 09:03 02 Aug 2010

down load picasa3 all you do then is click on the pictures you want to send and it doe sthe rest. it does send reduced pixcels count but if you want people to have the full size then again you can put up a web album

  onthelimit 09:04 02 Aug 2010

Save all photos to the PC. If you download the free Picasa to your PC it will find any photo and these can be emailed directly from Picasa. It also shrinks them to a sensible size automatically.

  Woolwell 10:02 02 Aug 2010

Am I missing something - but there is no mention of a PC. She is on vacation using a phone to send e-mails.

Personnaly I would use a photo sharing service instead of sending e-mail. Upload all of the photos from the phone to the site and share. Facebook has this faciltiy but so does other sites eg Snapfish.

  Catastrophe 10:18 02 Aug 2010


"Am I missing something"

Yes. This is PC Advisor Forum and Triprajul does say:

"Finally, step by step directions would be greatly because I am simply not a computer genius."

This does seem to suggest that a computer might be involved.


  Woolwell 11:51 02 Aug 2010

But that doesn't mean that she is using a computer to send her e-mails or connecting her phone to one.

  Triprajul 14:34 02 Aug 2010


Yes, my wife sends the pictures via her mobile to her email account and she accesses her email account via our laptop. I am very sorry if my original posting was unclear on this.

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