How to select Outlook Express columns

  stlucia2 11:10 30 Jan 2013

In my Outlook Express 6.0 I like to view sender, title, and received date for received email, and destination, title, and sent date for sent email.

Recently I noticed that my "Sent" folder that I'd created as a sub-folder of one of my seven inbox sub-folders was displaying "From" data instead of "To", so I right-clicked on the header bar and unchecked "From" and ticked "To". That sorted it. But then I went to the parent folder (an inbox for one of my accounts) and saw that it too had changed to displaying the "To" data instead of "From". In fact, all the folders I created beneath the default "Inbox" display the same columns.

Is there no way to customise each sub-folder's column display independently?

The default "Sent items" folder behaves independently, so I can format it to have a different column display, but I'd prefer to have a separate "Sent" sub-folder beneath each of my different account folders if it can be done. Otherwise I can create a separate "Sent" folder for each email account under the "Sent items" folder. Or I suppose I could display both "From" and "To" in each folder. But neither of those options are optimum.

  lotvic 14:57 30 Jan 2013

I don't know of any way to achieve what you want to do. OE has it's limitations and I've found same as you that altering one folders view changes the view of the other folders.

  stlucia2 08:09 31 Jan 2013

Thanks lotvic.

  stlucia2 11:16 31 Jan 2013

Aaaarrrrgh ... I thought I could get a more sensible layout by grouping my "Sent" folders for each email account under the default "Sent items" folder, because I mistakenly thought that it allowed different columns from the "Inbox" folder.

But I was wrong. Not only can I not display different columns, I can't even have them in a different order so that "To" displays first for my "Sent" items, and "From" displays first in my inboxes.

So, any suggestions about what other email client has the same functionality as OE (i.e. picking up emails from my AOL and madasafish accounts), but with the flexibility I'm looking for?

  lotvic 15:43 31 Jan 2013

Whoa there, you shouldn't be creating subfolders in the Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Drafts Folders. They are the default system folders and if they get too big and corrupt you will lose all the emails in them as OE will create a new empty version of each folder.

So any subfolders you've got, just drag and drop them onto 'Local Folders' sharpish :)

I think you'll have to read up on which email client to change to, see what they have to offer. Thunderbird might be okay but haven't used it. I'm going to change mine to Office Outlook in the near future (just haven't got round to it yet)

  stlucia2 19:30 31 Jan 2013

Thanks for that, lotvic. I've just moved all my folders.

I'm aware of a few email programs ... was just hoping that one would stand out above the others in recommendations from forum members. I ditched Firefox a while back because it was causing problems with some of my other software, so I'm a little reluctant to try Thunderbird. Maybe my fears are groundless.

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