How to scan using Brother Printer

  ponytail 10:30 04 Nov 2012

I did post thread about this two weeks ago but sure whether or not to create a new one.It was titled How to scan to PC.I followed sea urchins link but still have a couple of questions.It seems I have to select file to scan a photo and have selected a destination folder I tried to scan using image but cannot se where it went to if it did scan.I thought image would be for photos not sure why it is file.Also is it possible to make the photos larger

  Diemmess 12:14 04 Nov 2012

Perhaps this post will bring better advice from this forum

"is it possible to make the photos larger?"....... first fine the photos!

In principle all scans will generate a file which can be saved and opened later. Where such files are stored and in what form is usually determined by the Setup.

To help you please say which Brother scanner or multipurpose printer you are using and whether this is the first time you have tried using it to scan?

  Diemmess 12:33 04 Nov 2012

I should look before leaping into this

Your previous thread is click here

Previous posts seem to have covered most points except the transition from the scanner built file, to one the Image handling file can display.

Check that the Scanner has been completely installed on the Laptop and have a look for any software that came with the Scanner if you don't already use an Image handling application.

  wiz-king 15:04 04 Nov 2012

What image program are you trying to use? I use Irfanview and it is easy to scan to and resizing is simple.

  ponytail 16:37 04 Nov 2012

I am using a Brother DCP-J315W printer

  ponytail 16:44 04 Nov 2012

Hi wiz-king have downloaded irnfanview so no what is the procedure to scan and resize

  wiz-king 18:51 04 Nov 2012

File >aquire batch scan> single then prescan the image and set the margins, scan, name the image and select the folder you want to put it in. Once you have a image then 'image' > resize/resample and play with the options but dont forget to 'save as' and give it the same name but with a number (eg piccie2) that way you will still have the original.

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