how to save favourites??

  jonostar 11:00 24 Feb 2006

my computer is getting formatted tommorrow. new hard drive etc,, i run a small business from home with my computer, over the past year i have saved many websites (in favourites) that are important to my work. is there anyway of saving them so i dont loose them.. many thanx

  micklemouse 11:02 24 Feb 2006

you could try exporting them from File on the toolbar to My Docs or similar. Then all you would have to do is copy them to a CD from that location.

  micklemouse 11:04 24 Feb 2006

just to help a bit, when you click on File on the Toolbar, you'll see Import and Export; the wizard then presents you with a window where you can choose to Export Favorites. Click on this and you will be able to choose where you want to save your Favorites.

  rmcqua 11:08 24 Feb 2006

Right click on the link in "favourites" and select "send to". I suggest sending them to a new folder you create in my documents named "favourites" or similar. Then when you have done them all (I think you have to right click them individually) copy that folder to a floppy or CD.

  rmcqua 11:08 24 Feb 2006

micklemouse's suggestion seems a lot simpler!

  jonostar 11:08 24 Feb 2006

cheers sorted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  micklemouse 11:09 24 Feb 2006

glad to be of service :-)

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