How to save and export bookmarks.

  Sparkly 12:40 21 May 2007

Hi all i use BT Yahoo as my browser am happy enough with it(does have it's bad days as with all of us), gradually over time i have collected a number of bookmarks that have found usefull and use to refer to,the only problem is that i only have the option to AddBookmarks/EditBookmarks/Import Bookmarks but not an option to export the bookmarks can anyone suggest away of backingup these bookmarks to save them so that when you click on them the link loads the said page rather than save them in a text document and have to copy/paste them into my browser. Many thanks in advance.

  johnnyrocker 12:55 21 May 2007

what happens when you click on file and move to the import/export option for the wizard, without knowing os it can be difficult.


  Sparkly 13:11 21 May 2007

Hi johnnyrocker in the file dropdown box it only has the option to import the only other option there is to send>page by email or link by email.
As i said it is BT Yahoo Browser and i am on XP SP2.

  johnnyrocker 13:16 21 May 2007

not familiar with bt yahoo but can you not try explorer and see if you then get, import/export located below send?


  Sparkly 13:28 21 May 2007

Hi johnny had a play in I.E.7 and found away to export them there good job thanks for the help.

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