How Safe Is My Netgear ?

  jennydog 14:23 13 Aug 2009

I have heard that on line surfing is unsafe. Apparently anyone can tap into my set up and make use of my on-line computer, even see my surfing history. How true is this? The lights on the router are very busy sometimes, even if I or anyone in the house is not using the computer. Can I check to see who is doing this? Can I do anything to stop unwanted, uninvited quests into my house? In other words stop thieves. Thank you in advance for any and all advice.

  Pineman100 14:32 13 Aug 2009

The principal insecurity comes if you're using a wireless network without encryption.

If you connect your computer to your router via a cable, then you should be secure.

I'm assuming that you're using a recognised internet security package, with antivirus, antispyware and firewall.

  howard64 14:41 13 Aug 2009

with my netgear router I only use the wireless if my daughter is staying and using her laptop. At all other times I have the wireless signal turned off.

  ventanas 14:48 13 Aug 2009

I'd never dream of going back to a wired connection, to much to trip over.
As long as your router has encryption you should be ok as Pineman100 says.
I think far too much is said about hacking, who on earth is going to be interested in what I've got on my machines, anyone who did get in would probably be bored to tears.
I actually run two of my PC's without a firewall, it's faster.

  Pineman100 14:54 13 Aug 2009

I think there's a lot in what ventanas says - the security risks to your computer are probably very small.

Nevertheless, personally I wouldn't use a computer online without the security software that I listed above.

Is your network wired or wireless?

  ventanas 14:58 13 Aug 2009

Yep, to be honest the two machines that are used for heavy web access do have a firewall, as well as all the rest. The two that only have AV and AntiSpyware are low web access, and I'm too tight to spend on a FW. :-))

  anchor 15:21 13 Aug 2009

My Netgear 834 has a built in Firewall; your model may have the same.

If you are using Wi-Fi then ensure you have a WPA encryption key. You should then be quite safe.

  jennydog 16:35 13 Aug 2009

Thank you Pineman - yes I have all firewall antivirus etc

Howard64 I have router on when on-line I have desk top and laptop so need to be on

Ventanas before my router I had 1 cable now I have 2

anchor Thank you, as Pineman how do I get

but still can I check to see who is hacking me? there must be a way - I would like to have a word with them.

  anchor 16:45 13 Aug 2009

This may help

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:52 13 Aug 2009

'but still can I check to see who is hacking me? there must be a way - I would like to have a word with them'..there is no one hacking you. hackers are not remotely interested in home computers. The lights are flickering because your Internet connection is open to the net and will be checking for packets. When you surf the net you do not go to a page, the page comes to you so you will have lots of activity from various sources trying to see if your address needs any pages.

'Apparently anyone can tap into my set up and make use of my on-line computer, even see my surfing history'..whoever told you this is talking utter cobblers.

Just keep your AV up to date, you have no need to use a firewall as the router will have one built in and firewalls are useless if you inadvertently give permission for a programme to load..however if you have one, keep it. carry on surfing regardless and ignore the paranoia.


  jennydog 17:27 13 Aug 2009

anchor looks very good site I will make time for it
thank you.

GANDALF <|:-)>
Thank you and everyone else that gave me time. My mind is at rest for now. I use computers but I don't pretend to understand them. I suppose I will be back with more (silly) questions.

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