How safe is eBay?

  tomcomputers 20:11 11 Nov 2003

Hi guys,

I have found a great deal of £550 for a HP laptop.
However, I have never used eBay before, and am not sure how safe it is.

e.g. You have to pay before you get the actual product etc.

He has got a lot of good feedback though.

Has anyone used eBay before, and can anyone give any advice????



  levyo1 20:26 11 Nov 2003

Tom I have used ebay lots of times no problem at all, but one very carefull thing any bad feedback about the seller DONT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!! it could be a bad risk no matter how good the item looks.

Good Luck


  tomcomputers 20:31 11 Nov 2003

Thanks a lot for the advice! I really appreciate it!

As there is no negative feedback, it seems that it might be quite safe.

Thanks again,Tom

  LastChip 20:55 11 Nov 2003

I have Bought and Sold on eBay and have never had a problem.

However, lev1's advice not to buy from a negative fedback seller is good advice. Bare in mind, normally, the option to return goods does not exist, unless stated as part of the sellers policy, so make sure you read the description very carefully to make sure the goods are what you expect. Any questions - ask the seller. He/she is duty bound to provide honest answers.

I know major manufacturers sell discontinued and reconditioned machines (normally returned under warranty) on eBay, and these can prove good buys.

  Fred the flour grader 20:59 11 Nov 2003

Hi Tom, There was a item on about e,bay on Watchdog last year. It was a scam of some kind where some guy was going to buy a stereo system with a price "too good to be true." The guy paid the money using his credit card, but it was a scam. Whoever was supposedly selling the item had another name "ghosted" in front of his. The guy who was buying lost his cash, the guy who was selling did not get a sale and the thieves got away with a big load of dosh.
However a collegue of mine has used e,bay many times and grabbed a few bargains. I would advise to tread carefully where a price appears "too good to be true".
Good luck!

  TommyRed 20:59 11 Nov 2003

I've only used it once, to buy a monitor, even though the feedback was all positive I purposely bid for an item I could go and collect, and not pay until I'd seen it. £30 for a recon 17" monitor was ok, but any negative feedback at all with what your spending and I'd avoid it. HTH TR

  tomcomputers 21:20 11 Nov 2003

Thanks all, for this great advice!

I'll consider all this info (and any more) before I do anything!


  Laser157 21:40 11 Nov 2003

I have used e.bay about 25 times and all the transactions have been excellent. However personally I would not spend more than about £50 on a transaction as inevitably there are some risks. An exception would be if, as an earlier post mentions, you can go to the seller and check the goods before you pay and then take them away. Personally I would allow someone to have a very small number of negative feedbacks if they had provided a proper explanation in reply. Customers are not always right! (PS. I have never sold anything on e.bay!)

  Proxy Worm 21:52 11 Nov 2003

errrmmmm.... Loooong thought....... NOOOOOOOO... i know too many people that have got conned out of so much money so just walk away- deal might sound nice but what if you pay then dont get product. It is safe - how many feedbacks does the person have?

  rickf 22:11 11 Nov 2003

As the seller to give you a contact phone no. Speak to him and if it feels iggy, don't. Personally, I have bought a couple of items there and had no probs at all.

  Consternoon Aftable 22:34 11 Nov 2003

I have made 30 or so transactions on ebay. Ranging from £1.20 up to £2600.00. No complaints. Again study the feedback, and dont be pressured into returning positive feedback until you are ready. An ebayer can soon accumalate 800 or more positive ratings against only 20 negatives by persistant requests for feedback before you have had the chance to truly assess the item. Only part with large amounts of cash upon inspection of the goods. For other transaction Pay-Pal is secure and offers some redress if needed.

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