How to run XP repair console in Sata RAID config?

  PC Bilbo 18:50 22 Sep 2005

Encountered unexpected problem with XP SP2 Home ed
installed on 2 x 160GB SATA Drives set up in RAID 1 Mirror configuration.Mobo Asus AV8 De Luxe, Athlon 64 3000+

Did software install / updates on my Broadband Connection at home,activated XP (New OEM Disk) then set up for a relative on their dial up connection. Changed PS2 Keyboard /Mouse to MS Wireless keyboard and mouse.

Having successfully transferred settings from his old PC and later restarting , I was informed that due to hardware changes I needed to reactivate XP.This happened 3 times and than I spent an hour talking to Microsoft Support. They agreed this should not of happened and we attempted to force activation by renaming files in Windows Sys 32 but no joy.

MS then suggested booting from CD to get into Repair Console after having gone through EULA accceptance but I couldn't get that far and the technician admitted he was unfamiliar with SATA RAID setups and is phoning me back tomorrow.

Can anyone confirm if you need to use the RAID Sata drivers diskette again at F6 when attempting to boot and run Repair Console? Also has anyone else experienced this Reactivation saga which MS told me was not that uncommon? More important how did you fix it?


  Dorsai 19:51 22 Sep 2005

Not sure on this one, but as the CD needs the raid drivers to install XP onto a raid array, I must assume it will also need them at other times.

I am assuming the driver floppy is requierd as the CD lacks the needed info to coreectly access a raid array. This would, I guess, hold true if trying to run the recovery console from the CD.

The inclusion of SATA probably makes the need for the floppy even more "important"....

I guess....Only guessing.

But what harm can it do to try and get into recovery console, after loading the relevent raid/sata drivers? After all, you don't have to DO anything once you are there?

But like I said, I am making a guess, based on a bit of logic, and a "gut feeling"...

  Chegs ® 20:54 22 Sep 2005

I can confirm (having had a similar hassle)that you definitely DO need to have the SATA(r) driver on floppy when trying to load the recovery console.If you encounter "TXTSetup.OEM" error,don't panic.Eject the floppy disk,restart the recovery console install sequence,then press F6(or whatever it requires)and wait for XP to ask for the floppy before inserting it.

  Ancient Learner 21:04 22 Sep 2005

I'm sure about using the 'Repair Console'. I was advised by Microsoft not to use it, rather use the 'Repair' However my problem was perhaps not the same as yours.

The saga of my continuing failure to be able to successfully do this job, is at click here . It is not the easiest thing to do it seems, despite what some appear to suggest.

The very Best of luck.

  PC Bilbo 21:05 22 Sep 2005

Tks for inputs folks. I will try with the Raid Drivers tommorrow and post result.

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