how to run two laptops from one router

  Tjbdi 00:41 22 Feb 2010

Does anybody know why i cannot access the internet on both laptops at the same time,
i can access the internet on either machine
but not at the same time.
i have a wireless Belkin router.


  Devil Fish 01:24 22 Feb 2010

the only thing i can suggest is go into your router settings and check it is set on dynamic ip and not static ip

  Graphicool1 09:39 22 Feb 2010

If Devil Fish's suggestion doesn't work for you. Close this thread and ask your question again in the 'Netwoking' Forum.

  mgmcc 14:52 22 Feb 2010

Do you have "Cable" broadband? The problem sounds as though you have connected one of a router's LAN ports by ethernet to a Cable Modem, so that it is functioning as a Network Switch, not a Router, and therefore passing the addresses allocated by the ISP to the first computer to connect.

With one computer connected, open a Command Prompt window ("Start > Run" type CMD and click OK) and run the command IPCONFIG /ALL which will show details of all network adapters in the PC. With a Belkin Router, It should have an IP address starting with 192.168.2 and with the final number between 2 and 254. The Subnet Mask address will be and the Default Gateway should be

  howard64 16:21 22 Feb 2010

A friend of mine had this problem and was initially told by his isp that only 1 could connect at a time. When he said this was not good enough and give me a mac to leave - all of a sudden he was transferred to a tech who knew what he was talking about. After a few instructions from the guy and I think an alteration at the far end - low and behold any number of units can connect at the same time.

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