How to retrieve Emails & all files on hard drive

  brandydrinker 09:37 25 Feb 2007

My computer has crashed and is now in safe mode is there anyway I am able to save files that are on hard drive and my email files on to discs can anyone help or advise on the situation, many thanks.

  terryf 14:23 25 Feb 2007

Emails go to OE>tools>options>maintenance and click on Store Folder to find out its location. Write this down Go to Control panel>Folder options>view and put a dot into Show hidden files and folders and untick Hide protested system files (you will get a nag message but ignore it. Now make your way to the location you wrote down for the store folder and copy the whole folder to another drive. OE>File>Export>Address book to somewhere. You may be better off if you can buy or borrow a usb drive to put these items on. When you get your system fixed you reverse the above processes.
Copying data to external drive in similar way.
For the future, if you fit a second drive, you can designate your store folder to be on D drive and keep all data on D drive. Use Acronis TI to back up working C drive.

  terryf 14:24 25 Feb 2007

Sorry protested should be protected!
Hope above spiel helps

  brandydrinker 16:16 25 Feb 2007

Cheers terry, I will try that now.

  terryf 00:05 27 Feb 2007

did it work?

  wee eddie 21:45 27 Feb 2007

You probably haven't a back-up but you may not have a problem as many PCs crash with no long term problem and no loss of files.

Can you give us an idea of what caused it to crash. We may be able to help you find out if it is serious or not?

  brandydrinker 06:56 28 Feb 2007

No Terry it did not work (It might be me).

Eddie, I do not know why the pc crashed. I turned it on to find a blue screen with the message WINDOWS PROTECTION ERROR, restart your pc. When i did this it went into safe mode and has done ever since.
I tried saving my Files using my memory stick, but the pc would not let me load the stick. I have tried to use the scan disc to repair my registry and i have used sky boot to check for any viruses but all to no avail.
The pc is a Time Window Millen'though I have been informed since it is Windows 98?.I do not know if this info will help in anyway.
I am about to upgrade, so my only concern is trying to save my photos.

Thankyou both for response and any further advice would be gratefully received.
Cheers Gary

  terryf 08:43 28 Feb 2007

When you upgrade, try fitting your hard drive as a slave in your new computer, you may then be able to access all your photos, for a decent machine click here

  brandydrinker 10:45 28 Feb 2007

I give that a try.
I have just ordered a machine from Novatech - Isy Max 7600,hopefully that will be just as good as the one you suggested.

  Diemmess 17:26 28 Feb 2007

Might be worth buying a mains powered USB case.
Then when the new computer is happy, you could almost certainly take the HD from the old computer, pop it into the case and use it as an external HD.

You will be able to extract your pictures and anything else you want.

Finally you can format the old HD in its case and use it as an external store which is safe from any system crashes of the primary HD.

  brandydrinker 18:34 28 Feb 2007

Thanks Diemmess, I was going to buy a Western Didital My Book 250GB as my external HD, but your option seems to make more sense and as you say I should be able to extract my pictures.


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