how to retrieve emails

  clarky8325 11:29 30 May 2004

i have missed a payment with bt!

i tried to access my emails through oe6 and found my password rejected and my account suspended.

i contacted billing to make a payment but they are not available till tuesday.

is there any way of redirecting and retrieving my emails as i have an important email that i need to access.



  spuds 11:33 30 May 2004

Doubt it, until it is sorted out on Tuesday.

  pj123 13:01 30 May 2004

Miss a payment with BT and your account is suspended! That's ridiculous. If I miss a payment on my credit card they don't suspend the account, they just charge me a fee for late payment. I learn and don't do it again.

As spuds says, however you try to access your emails now, if the password is rejected there is no way to do it. Notice how it always seem to happen over a Bank Holiday weekend?

  end 16:36 30 May 2004

???who is you e mail provider??? and through what system do you access your emails normally???? ( just "an idea" I have which may or may not work)

  pj123 15:36 31 May 2004

I think I am with end here. As far as I know BT BB doesn't give you an email address (unless you are on Business BB at £30 per month, when you do get an email address). So you should have a separate email address with another ISP, (possibly on dialup) or maybe a webmail address like hotmail, or bigfoot etc. I think I can see where end is going and it could work. Give us a clue?

  sicknote 15:55 31 May 2004

Have you tried to access your bt mail via this click here

  end 20:33 31 May 2004

...and adding to my comments above...???what exactly do you mean BY " I have missed a payment with BT"...

I for one can access MY now 4 email addresses ( providing I can remember the correct URL to tell the computer which site to head for!!) from any i AM puzzled as to why you believe that you cannot access yours....

BUT, that was not actually what I "had in mind";

umm.. do you ACTUALLY mean that your PHONE account with BT has been " suspended"....THAT woul make sense.....

feedback please.......

and I access MY BT e mail through sicknote"s "click here", BUT, you need to type in the correct URL; ??what has happened to your BT homepage???

sorry, clarky8325, but what you are "saying" just does not "add up"......

more info please......

  end 22:55 01 Jun 2004

any more info please????

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