How to restrict access of others on network

  parsifal198 17:25 04 Feb 2008


I am using a Negear DG834 wired router. Can anyone tell me how I can prevent one of the computers on my network from accessing the internet? Can I do it by simply restricting access to computers with particular mac numbers? I know I can do this with wireless set ups but not sure how with wired.



  brundle 18:06 04 Feb 2008

Home network? Does the machine in question still need access to network shares/printer?

  parsifal198 18:39 04 Feb 2008

Hi Brundle

No access to either of these is required. I just want to stop someone accessing the internet when I'm not there


  parsifal198 18:40 04 Feb 2008

Oh and yes it is a home network

  brundle 18:52 04 Feb 2008

You could give the machine a fixed IP address and add


to the blocked site list (ie it will block any site with a . in the name, ie all of them), then create a schedule to block the specific machine in the router's configuration.

Not hard to bypass if the person using the PC has a little knowledge of Windows, but you can use something click here to disable access to the Network Connection settings.

  parsifal198 19:16 05 Feb 2008

Could I set something like that up in the firewall settings of the router? If I did would that make it secure? If I had my password on the router control panel would he still be able to change it back?

Would it work for an X box too? I want to stop him using huge amounts of bandwidth downloading games etc


  brundle 22:35 05 Feb 2008

Not on that router - the only way is to block via `site-blocking` (I was wrong about blocking specific machines if my Netgear is anything to go by, you `allow` all others instead) and monitoring/controlling general traffic is way beyond the capabilities of the average home-router.

  parsifal198 23:02 06 Feb 2008

Hi brundle

I looked at the block sites feature but it seems to be only able to block all computers except one. I really want to allow two computers access. Is there any way to do this?



  parsifal198 23:07 06 Feb 2008

Sorry I meant to ask was there any way to allow my computer to be the one trusted one and also allowing another computer to connect to the internet via that one?

Sorry if this sounds a bit daft. I'm just picking up this stuff


  brundle 23:42 06 Feb 2008

Yes, I had to look at my Netgear's config pages for a reminder. The options are fairly restricted, what you're referring to would be achievable by enabling ICS on the main machine and plugging any other machine(s) into that one, or implementing an ad-hoc wireless network. Either way it means buying more hardware. As for `sounding daft`,not at all; computers are never the most intuitive subject.

  parsifal198 10:07 07 Feb 2008

Well thanks again brundle. It looks like I am stuck with the option you origianlly suggested which actually would do what I want more or letss.

If I can ask one more question. I am using the Advent Powerline plugs to network over the electrical cables in the house. This is working well. I know they do a wireless plug and I am wondering if it is possible to plug one of these wireless ones into a socket in one room and just have that one working wirelessly while the others connected by ethernet cable?

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