How to replace a discontinued MB? Silly Question??

  six-h 20:34 14 Jun 2008

The nature of my PC problems are pointing toward one or more of the following failing: -
Motherboard, PSU, HDD.

In the event that the Motherboard was the culprit, I contacted Medion, the PC's "manufacturer" who say, that board is no longer available.

Does this mean that my PC is irreparable, or is it possible to find a currently available standard alternative from somewhere else to replace the "bespoke" Medion board?

If so, would I then be able to convince Microsoft that this is still the same PC that my product key was issued to

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:59 14 Jun 2008

If its a medion then its probably a Msi board.

you may not get a direct replacement i.e. one with a combo (blue)slot for the TV tuner card.

MS licensing allow you to change 1 of 4 items so a phone call to the should allow to reactivate wuthoyt a problem.

What is the problem?

  woodchip 21:10 14 Jun 2008

Looks like you will also have to buy a XP disc. click here

  woodchip 21:11 14 Jun 2008

As above my Medion Desktop is a MSI board

  woodchip 21:12 14 Jun 2008

What are the Problems you are having?

  six-h 23:48 14 Jun 2008

Fruit Bat /\0/\:
Thanks, I thought I'd made a bad buy with Medion, since they seem to use all bespoke bits!
Loosing the Analogue "Allinwonder" card won't be a great loss, and I would probably get a better graphics card, and put in a separate TV card, if the MB is faulty.

MS allow 1 in 4 bits to be "changed", other than the MB what are the other bits?

Thanks for the link to the XP disks, might have to resort to that yet!
My PC is an "old" Medion MD 8080XL (Nov 2003) but it's my pal, and I would be sad to see it go!
Even sadder to loose "Word" which came on the "WorksSuite" DVD that was part of the bundled software!

Have you changed your MB to an MSI board, or is that what was supplied?

Mine is described in the manual as an "MD-8080 M-ATX based on Intel865PE & Intel ICH5 chipset for Intel P4 in the 478-pin package"!

My problem began with spybot discovering "win32trojanspy.banker" which I deleted, ran aSquared, which found "win32.processor.20" which I quarantined, later releasing since it was used by my AV for updates!
after that, my desktop began building in an unusual order, and things went downhill from there, I've been "Seen to" by the malwareforum, passed on to the aSquared forum, transferred to Malwareteks, all that between Early Feb and End April!
Now my biggest problem is that I get constant and random freezes in IE7, (Firefox too, when I had it!) which mean I have to do a hard shutdown and re-boot.
Other minor irritations are the POST test, it stops after reporting 1GB RAM, and waits a full ten minutes before reporting the drives etc.
There's another 4 minute wait with a black screen after the windows loading screen, before the Desktop builds!
On other occasions, the machine makes a noise like a demented Wasp under a glass, until the Desktop has completed.
I suspect the HDD, it has already been reported by a "Deckards" scan to have two bad sectors.
What with that and the odd BSOD, my machine is a bit poorly, and it's driving me nuts!
I've done a factory re-set to try and escape my problems, but even after the pain of dragging XP SP1 back to the present, I had not escaped the problems!

As a last resort, I may soon try a flat re-install, since I now have a copy of "SP3 Network edition" to avoid having to force feed over 100 updates since SP2!!

After that it's going into the hands of those highwaymen who masquerade as PC specialists, where Money will Flow in one direction, and wisdom will not flow in the other!
Maybe they will cure it, but I did so want to do it my self, and learn something!

  skidzy 06:08 15 Jun 2008

After reading your latest post,this to me points towards a faulty/dying harddrive.
I think i would try a reinstall first of windows.

i believe Medion computers to have a recovery/restore partition that will hold your drivers though may need updating depending how old the machine is.

Woodchip may correct me ,but i believe your restore partition is tapping F11 or F10 on startup.

If you restore windows and the computer still plays up,we will now know you have a hardware issue,possibly the hdd.

  MarvintheAndroid 10:15 15 Jun 2008

Agree. Don't ditch the motherboard just yet.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:29 15 Jun 2008

Yes certainly looks like the HDD is failing.

The medion restore and drivers are usually on two seperate partitions on the drive D: and E: and can easily be copied to a new drive.

Although a factory restall will not work unless the partition sizes are all exactly as new.
Medion usually also supply XP and the drivers on CDs.

You wouldn't lose the All in Wondercard as it is a standard card not relying on a combo slot.

  woodchip 18:03 15 Jun 2008

I will go along with the Hard Drive Problem, But I think its all the rubbish you got on the Drive, so that files are corrupt missing and boot partition looks like it may have been messed up. Only way to correct MBR is to use the FIXMBR at command prompt. You may be able to do that by tapping F8 as computer starts and choose command prompt. Other tan that you need to do a full restore from the Method that you Medion works from, mine came from Makro, So I have a Manufacturers oem XP CD and also a Restore CD. If you have a Restore CD there are three choices on the CD for restoring you can try each one at once if it does not work reboot and try next one down on the list. I think You should start with second one down, based on your problems. Leave the Last full Restore if the other does not work. Plus if you have bad blocks run the Windows check disc program to mark out the bad blocks before running restore.

To run check disc right click C:\ drive Properties\Tools\check disc tick the box to auto fix problems before running it

  six-h 17:17 18 Jun 2008

Your recent posts are encouraging!

The motherboard was one of the suspects that the Medion helpline suggested, along with the network card, the wireless card and the router settings!!

Tempering this "wisdom" with my previous experience of the helpline, I have dismissed all but the Motherboard, and only vaguely suspect it in view of the fact that I had 3 replacements in the first 12 months, one of which was DOA. (Thank God for the On site warranty!)

My gut feeling, coupled with the evidence (Deckards report of bad sectors, and the "demented Wasp" noise) is that the cause is probably down to the HDD failing.

As skidzy and woodchip suggest, I have already done a "Factory re-set" though at the time, I was unaware that there were bad sectors on the Drive, and the re-set failed to escape my problems.

Fruit Bat /\0/\, is right in stating that Partitions "D" (backup) and "E" (restore) which is FAT32, are somehow involved in the re-set process, and interact with the Medion supplied "Application & Support" CD, which I believe also contains the bundled software and drivers.

I was also supplied with an "Operating system installation" CD which I think is just XP SP1, and the bear essentials in the way of drivers.

Other Disks supplied were, a "Medion" Nero Burning ROM, and a Microsoft DVD of "WorksSuite 2004".

The perceived wisdom from other fora seems to be that even though I've run "chkdsk/ R", the flags that it will have attached to the bad sectors will be wiped away if I try to install an image...which is essentially, I'm told, what a "Factory re-set" is. That appears to kibosh any further attempts at doing either a re-set, or installing an "Acronis TrueImage" image that I have on an external drive.(I'm also not sure that the Acronis image is not infected with the Trojan that caused all this, so I'm loathe to try that option anyway!)

This seems to leave me two options;
A "Repair" using the recovery CD, as mentioned by woodchip, or failing that, a flat re-install.

Can you talk me through a repair?

I'm too scared of loosing my internet connection as I did last time I did a re-set, (10 days trekking back and to to the Library! lol) to try a flat re-install until I've managed to borrow a laptop from the school where I help out at a PC literacy class.
Slim chance, but my only one!

Apologies for the embarrassing length of this post!

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