How to remove trojans

  orange_ man 18:45 22 May 2003

I have recently found out I have many files (129) which are infected with a trojan called Backdoor.Assassin. Also I have found out I have a virus called the Hataner virus on my computer. All the files infected by the trojans are in the C:\_Restore/Temp file and have the file extention .cys. The Hataner corrupted files are all .exe files. Despite the number of viruses I have not experienced any problems with my computer. Is it possible to delete the .cys files. Also what exactley is a trojan?

  orange_ man 18:48 22 May 2003

Also I have icons such as links to "Las Vegas casinos" and "Free CDs". could the trojans and this be linked?

  fitfella29 18:55 22 May 2003

go to click here and download a program called "the cleaner" its a 30 day trial but it`ll get rid of the trojans for u during this period.

  porcup1ne 19:09 22 May 2003

Also download AVG antivirus for the future - its free and it works!!!From Grisoft

  bowman 19:54 22 May 2003

I take it that none of the other suggestions from this thread worked?

click here

Please try to keep to just the one thread as it makes it easier to follow, this also gives others the chance to see what has or has not worked for you.

  Belatucadrus 20:29 22 May 2003

click here for an old posting on Hantaner/Handy, all it does is to write itself into all .exe files into the kazaa download folder, a truly pointless but harmless bit of code. The only constructive thing it does is warn about holes in your PCs security. Another way of getting rid of Trojans is to use SwatIt click here a freeware alternative to The Cleaner.
porcup1ne is right, you need an up to date Anti Virus to keep these things out Avast4 click here and AVG click here are both free for home use with free updates.

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