how to remove browser and any associtated debris

  jacobjohn7 23:31 25 Feb 2013

this has somehow maliciously attached itself to my browser.. comes up now and again.. but want to remove if possible.. other little bits of software that I didnt want or ask for seem to have appeared. help please.

  northumbria61 08:01 26 Feb 2013

I am hoping this will help you - enter link description here

Scroll down the replies to find How to remove - this will probably be the first and easiest thing to try.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:04 26 Feb 2013

Malwarebytes is a trusted way of removing this menace.

  SEOMaster 11:35 03 Mar 2013

Snapdo didn’t hijack your browser. You must have downloaded it when you installed another program. It happens all the time – freeware often comes bundled with other programs. Uninstalling it shouldn’t be difficult. Try their Help section

  misscupcake 19:36 12 Mar 2013

That's just my two cents but honestly, it wasn't that easy after all. First, I couldn't find anything with that name, no or Snap do software, nothing. It was hiding under completely different name - Video Performer. When I removed it, was still there, so I had to re-install my web browsers which surprisingly didn't help at all!!! was still there. How's that even possible? So, anyway, after spending two hours or so, I finally manged to remove it, party manually following instructions located here:

and then using this nice tool called AdwCleaner which is available for download from Bleeping computer site:

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