How to remove MSN and other please

  Shamrock7 22:43 08 Mar 2005

Hello, (using wimME)

due to ongoing problem with MSN (it wont let me get past the passport page) I want to get rid of MSN and go to hotmail for my email account.

But when I go to to set up a new email account I get sent straight back to my passport page.

I have tried altering the password on the passport page and was allowed to do so but cannot get any further.

So, is it possible to completely unistall MSN from my computer and install hotmail?

I cannot get any of my MSN emails because I cannot get past the passport page.

IT has been suggested by a friend that my MSN email may have been hijacked ? Could this be true?

Thanks for all help given,


  Cuddles 22:54 08 Mar 2005

To use Hotmail you will still need a passport.

  bluesbrother 23:04 08 Mar 2005

Assuming you have XP click here or click here

  Shamrock7 23:20 08 Mar 2005

Hello, now getting error message 0x81000303 when trying to get into msn.

When asked for secret question...I'm giving the correct answer (I've got it written down) but its not being recognised now!!!!

I'm using winME as stated in my 1st posting.

Thanks for you help so far


  Shamrock7 23:22 08 Mar 2005

I'd like to get onto the website and setup another email address but I keep getting directed to the msn passport page.

So I cannot even setup another hotmail account


  Indigo 1 07:50 09 Mar 2005

My girlfriend had the same problem recently.

She set up a new Hotmail account using MSN but could not open it even after repeatedly inserting the correct information. SO she contacted Hotmail using my account and still couldn't open it (stuck in a loop between password sign in and random characters page) untill she logged on with a friends PC and the problem stopped.

I think it is something to do with .Net Passport not being able to regognise a new address with the old passport.

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