How To Remove All Traces Of A Download Please.

  Big L 266 18:02 30 Sep 2010


I have nearly,but not quite,successfully removed every last trace of a Magix trial download.I have used the standard uninstall processes but bits appear to remain.

How do I remove every last remaining trace of the Magix trial download please? (I want to download a pc-dvd version of it which is different.)I'm sure there are hidden bits.

My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit.

I have to go offline for a while.Any help and advice would be most welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you.

Big L 266

  Nontek 18:08 30 Sep 2010

Try using click here the Free Version will do it ... you might need to reinstall the unwanted program first, then use Revo.

During the un-install process you may be asked if you want to re-start your computer, DO NOT re-start at this point, let Revo continue. You will eventually get the option to Select All and to Delete - DO SO. You may be given the same options a second time, again DO SO, do not be picky, just accept all that Revo chooses.
After clicking on Finish, re-start your computer.

  Big L 266 08:25 01 Oct 2010


Nontek....Thank you very much for your kind help.I forgot all about the Revo factor! I can't reinstall the unwanted programme sadly as it was a limited time trial which has now expired.My own fault and nobody to blame but myself. Nonetheless thank you again for your help.

Big L 266

  birdface 08:29 01 Oct 2010

Just have to go to search and type in Magix and if anything shows be carefull as what you remove.

  sunnystaines 08:31 01 Oct 2010

when doing search for magix also opt for adv search.

also search in registry

  Big L 266 09:03 01 Oct 2010


buteman & sunnystaines....I did use the 'Search' for anything with 'MAGIX' or 'Magix' and promptly removed whatever it found. I will try the 'Advanced Search' mode but I'll not touch the registry in case I screw it up.I will run my Iolo System Mechanic and hope that will do the trick where the registry is concerned.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Big L 266

  flottalass 12:28 04 Oct 2010

Have you tried the free edition of Revo Installer. This, I find, removes everything, even from the registry, Kind regards

  Chris the Ancient 14:08 04 Oct 2010

Try running the registry checker in CCleaner as well, that might find some odds and ends of Magix as well.

  Chris the Ancient 14:09 04 Oct 2010

That is what Nontek said in the second entry.

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