How reliable is Spyware Terminator?

  johndrew 15:33 14 May 2007

I ask for two reasons:

1. My knowledge of spyware, viruses, adware and false positives is far from good

2. I have just installed Spyware Terminator and it has come up with 3 hits that Spybot, Ad-aware, a-squared and Defender failed to find. These are:
Trojan/Bdoor-GP (Trojan) (gpinstall.exe)
AtomicLog (Adware) (Registry HKCR\CLSID\..... and PUTREE.OCX)

Whether these are `good` hits I am unsure. I have used the other above programs for some time and know that if I delete their findings all will be well. Should I trust this software and allow it to delete these and others?

I should add that I set the software up in `Beginner` mode so have left most decisions to the basic configuration.

Many thanks in advance for any advice.

i have tried it twice but my main av didnt like it, and both times i uninstalled (not installed!) kaspersky once and norton once advised me something tried to download a trojan! im probably being paranoid!
if it's set to beginner it only blocks known risks, as you go up the scale, ie advanced and expert it allows less, you have more decisions to make, it never found anything whilst scanning so cant help you there im afraid, i have always found spybot spot on, but everyday new threats are born so maybe if you remove the threats after backing you current settings up with restore or similar.

and maybe someone can offer advice on this but it's back on spyware warrior's rogue programs after they removed it a while back for being safe
click here

  rawprawn 16:31 14 May 2007

I have been using it for about 6 months with no trouble at all. I used to use it in advanced mode but I got fed up of having to say yes or no. I now use it in beginners mode. I think that it is very good but I check it now and then with A Squared and SuperAntispyware and find no problems.
I am suprised to hear that it is back on SpywareWarriors rogue list and I will have a look.

  rawprawn 16:33 14 May 2007

"Spyware Terminator no trial version available [A: 2-26-05 / U: 2-26-05"

  SB23 16:39 14 May 2007

I have to be honest, I did find it unreliable. Options that were ticked would untick themselves, the next minute the program wouldn't start up. With that in mind I went back to Windows Defender, as I have always found that it does indicate when a program is doing something it shouldn't be doing. Even the news (a few weeks ago) that Windows Defender isn't as good as it could be did not put me off. It has saved my pc a few times, and I trust it.

  cocteau48 16:53 14 May 2007

Used Spyware Terminator for over 6 months with no problems at all. This is the version by Crawler,the one which is generally accepted on this forum as being a good prog,and is not the same as the prog which is on the Spyware Warrior list.
See here
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  Belatucadrus 16:57 14 May 2007

I've been using Spyware Terminator for quite a few months now and never had any problems with it and I've got all the boxes ticked on the shield settings. Admittedly it can be a pain as it learns an appropriate rule set for a PC, but after a while it only pops up with new installations or malware activity.
If it finds something, just let it do its thing, in the unlikely event it's a false positive just go into the quarantine section and reinstate the file.
Regarding the Spyware Warrior listing please note that applies to Spyware Terminator from Not the freebie from that we're referring to.

  bluto1 20:40 14 May 2007

I`m in the same category as you are regarding spyware, viruses etc and I often think, after doing my weekly clean-up, if everything that should be found has been found.
My answer is that I`ve read 99.9% of posts regarding anti virus and malware removers and have concluded that we all use what we`re comfortable with. I do try out new programmes and have to decide for myself if I should keep them and remove something else in their place.
I`ve got Avast for A/V, Ad-aware, Spybot S&D, A squared,cCleaner and AVG Anti spyware. They all seem to come up with the goods when required.
There are loads more I`ve tried and ignored, but, as far as I can tell my PC is clean.

  hawthorn59 22:16 14 May 2007

Can anyone tell me if its safe to delete everything Spybot finds?


  squillary 02:05 15 May 2007

click here to see that it's rated by that site as better than both Adaware and Spybot. Personally I use the AVGAS\Defender combo instead, but I generally find this site's recommendations very reliable.

Note that it has a built-in HIPS-sstem, was found to be reliable on drive-by sites and gives you the option of using a second engine based on the Open Source ClamWin anti-virus program.

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