How reliable this site for buying budget PC, please?

  AroundAgain 22:59 07 Jun 2013


Has anyone had any experience or have any knowledge re the reliability of these items, please? Is the 1 yr warranty that in reality if something goes wrong? PCs for sale

A friend is needing a replacement PC but very low on funds so these would look to fit the bill. She has monitor, keyboard and mouse that she is happy to continue using.

This one would seem to be what I would choose for her, this one, but would appreciate opinions please, as I feel it is a big responsibility to be buying on behalf of someone else. I'm not confident, nor knowledgeable enough!

Thanks very much. As usual, I appreciate your help

  rdave13 23:13 07 Jun 2013

It's Argos using Ebay to sell refurb PCs. A good find I think. I've always used PC World/ Currys for refurbished laptops. Will look again at this site just in case I need a cheap PC.

Warranty seems clear enough and it is Argos.

Thanks. :)

  rdave13 23:29 07 Jun 2013

Have a look at the feedback and comments on the neutral and negative. Also note the volume of sales.

Good enough for me.

  rdave13 00:31 08 Jun 2013

Uh, old5chool , ask PC Advisor. Your link goes to a dissimilar page then? Uh?

  rdave13 00:36 08 Jun 2013
  spuds 10:49 08 Jun 2013

I have used Argos Outlet on eBay a number of times, but would advice that the check with the main Argos website before making a purchase from their outlet site. The warranties a quite safe.

Would perhaps be worth considering is having an Argos card, with that comes interest free finance packages on items over £50.00. But stick to the terms and conditions displayed, otherwise the interest rate, after the free period can get expensive. John Lewis may still offer a free interest period, if you obtain one of their 'Partnership' store cards. Check the warranty or guarantee periods on products like computer's from these two sources, they can and do differ, especially if a 'price match' is involved.

For a cheap reliable computer, then perhaps checkout Ebuyer and their Zoomstorm range, but you might need to obtain an operating system as an extra.

  spuds 10:53 08 Jun 2013

Perhaps I should have mentioned, that delivery from Argos Outlet is very fast, but someone must be available to receive the item. I have received items next day, others have taken a day or two longer. Contacting Argos Outlet can be a bit of a bind especially if you try telephoning at 'peak hours'?.

  AroundAgain 21:23 08 Jun 2013

Hi rdave and spuds

Thanks very much for your posts. I think it will be probably the way to go, considering budget is the priority just now for my friend.

I did do what you suggested and checked out Argos site and eBuyer but came back to the above outlet. Buying computers always seems a bit of a risk to me and, of course, you only get what you pay for. However, I'm reassured re the warranty (thanks spuds).

I like the idea of an Interest-free Argos card and appreciate the need to stick within T&Cs. As for being in for delivery, that shouldn't be too much of a problem as long as I have some idea of what day it's being delivered. I'll look into that one.

So, thanks very much. I really appreciate your advice and suggestions

As a point of interest, I'm so pleased that the 'contributions' from old5chool have been removed. What a waster, eh? rdave, you showed some patience there ;)

Cheers, and thanks again

  Dragon_Heart 03:13 09 Jun 2013

Try Amazon Warehouse deals for the same PC !

Beware of some reconditioned PC's as they come without an operating system.

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