How to reinstall Windows 98SE

  matt-few 08:44 28 Mar 2008

I've been asked by a local charity to replace the hard drive on their aging machine and reinstall the OS - Windows 98SE. It seems so many years that I last did this, that I have forgotten what to do.

I have managed to install Windows 98SE on the hard drive, but despite changing the boot sequence to 1) Hard Drive, 2) CD and 3) Floppy - it still asks whether to boot from Hard Drive or CD and requires Original Windows CD and Boot Disk inserted before Windows will boot up. Obviously, this isn't right, so I did to fix it - but it's so long ago and OS installs have been made much easier, I have forgotten what to do.

Do I need to FDISK it and start again. How can I get Windows to work without having CD or Boot Disk inserted.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

  MAJ 08:49 28 Mar 2008

The usual boot sequence for Win 98SE is Floppy/Hard drive/CDROM. But still it shouldn't ask with your present configuration, it's possible the CMOS battery is dead or dying and not holding the BIOS changes you have made. Try a new CMOS battery.

  Diemmess 09:13 28 Mar 2008

Agreed something weird has happened, and MAJ has given the correct boot sequence
Though I doubt if a dud battery would cause this it might be a good idea to replace it anyway in an old computer.

It may be a pain but I think will save time in the end to use the floppy to FDISK and FORMAT and be sure of a clean start.
(From memory, W98SE never did "repair" very well.)

  Stuartli 09:14 28 Mar 2008

Don't forget to add the Unofficial Windows 98SE Service Pack (a labour of love by the author) to fully update 98SE. See:

click here

  ventanas 10:47 28 Mar 2008

As I recall the procedure was to make the floppy drive the first boot, insert the CD into its drive, then insert the boot floppy and restart. That would put you at A:>. Assuming the CD drive is drive D you would then type E:\setup. Win98 always created a virtual drive when installing as I remember.
It should then run the installation.

Do you have all the necessary motherboard, video drivers etc?

  Diemmess 11:15 28 Mar 2008

Following ventanas, A dodge I remember using was-

(M)ake(D)irectory on C: called Win98.
(C)hange (D)irectory Win98
Copy D:\win98
Type setup

At that point the CD can be removed and shelved.
An added advantage was that if the system needed to refer again to the CD the data was automatically found already present on C:\Win98

  woodchip 13:53 28 Mar 2008

You say you have put 98se on the Hard Drive, do you mean that you have copied the CD to the hard Drive. If so, at DOS Commans Prompt after starting with Windows 98se rescue disc. Change Directory by typing CD Win98se the after it changes type setup and press enter

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