how to register pc tools registry mechanic 3.0

  frojim 15:27 13 Aug 2005

Supplied On Oct 05 edition CD was "PC Tools registry mechanic 3.0". Having installed it, it scanned the hard drive and found around 300 problems in the deep registry scan plus a few others in different areas.
The program repaired the problems it found in the other areas but said I had to register online before it would repair the problems found during the deep registry scan. To register you have to type in a register key or purchase online but I cannot find the key in the magazine (page 197). This program is classed as a fully working program in the magazine so have I missed the register key or is it really a trial version?

  j'arrow 16:54 13 Aug 2005

That's exactly why I was searching PC Advisor website for these details....

  Completealias 16:57 13 Aug 2005

Same here I just installed it and can't find a reg key or a link to register. There is a contact for problems with the cover disk but I can't seem to find it at the mo

  frojim 15:55 15 Aug 2005

I've contacted the helpdesk at pc advisor so I should be getting an answer soon. I'll let you know.

  Timbhoy 16:02 15 Aug 2005


  RickyC :-) 16:07 15 Aug 2005


thanks for all your postings over the weekend, I've been marooned in darkest Dorset since Friday and unable to respond to this thread until now.


PC Tools (Privacy Guardian, Registry mechanic and Spam monitor)

After installation, you need to click on the "Purchase Online" button on the welcome screen which pops up on first-use of the relevant application. Your browser will then open and you will be whisked away to a registration page on the PC Tools website. After completing the simple form (just name and email address required), you will be sent an email message containing your User Name (PC Advisor) and the License Key (24-character code, with hyphens).

This registration is absolutely free (not counting the cost of internet access), and an email will be sent to you within minutes of completing the form.

This should have been made clear both in the editorial coverage and on the cover disc interface - as it is completely understandable that any reader would assume clicking "Purchase Online" requires some form of payment over the internet. Please be assured you are not required to provide any payment details when you click "Purchase Online".


Linkword Languages

This is a fully working, non-time-limited version of the software you can purchase at click here. The version on the cover disc only includes section 1 and therefore has a smaller vocabulary than the retail version - we should have made this clear in the editorial coverage in the cover disc pages.


Text Aloud 1.7

In order to unlock the full version of this application, you should insert the serial number in the space provided after installing the software.

The serial number you require was omitted from the magazine. Please input the following number when the welcome screen comes up after installing TextAloud 1.7


Please accept my apologies, not only is issue 123 our 10th Anniversary, but is also brings up a half-century of cover discs I've created for PC Advisor. I think perhaps my excitement at the Su Doku scoop left me in such a state of delirium that I failed to apply my usual clinical inspection to the editorial coverage within the magazine.

kind regards

CD Editor

  j'arrow 18:32 15 Aug 2005

Thanks for the phone call & e-mail....

Job done - registered and fully functional !

  frojim 18:06 16 Aug 2005

Hi again, I tried following the instructions but when I clicked on "Purchase online" nothing happened. Is this because I use firefox? I tried uninstalling the program and reinstalling it but no joy. Could anyone send me the reg key? Thanks.

  RickyC :-) 12:05 18 Aug 2005


The posting containing the serial number has been removed, as we are not permitted to include this information on our site. Any readers who find they are not being directed to the registration page, please use these links to register.


click here

I will post links for the other PC Tools applications shortly. The online registration is required in order for the software developer to measure the response from their promotion through PC Advisor magazine. The better the response, the more likely it is that we will be able to provide software from this developer again in the future.

I hope you understand the reasons behind the removal of the serial number.



  Cesar 09:26 22 Aug 2005


This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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