How to reformat W98 Floppy disc for use on W2000?

  Dragonsteeth 16:25 16 Jan 2008

I use windows 98 and all my work is stored on floppy discs.

I can no longer print (printer broke & PC wont accept the new printer driver) so I took floppy to library to print.

Library uses windows 2000 & so it could not read the contents of floppy !

HOW can I reformat the floppy to be read by W2000?

(similarly, if I replace my 8yr old PC it will have 2000 or NT & I need to access all my previous work!)

Advice much appreciated.

  ventanas 16:57 16 Jan 2008

I don't think you want to format the floppy, that will wipe everything from it. It should not make any difference what os is being used.
Are you sure it can't be read. It may be the type of file that isn't recognised. What files are they? The library pc will need the same program (probably) that they were created in. Also I'm surprised at any library allowing you to insert your own removable media.

It would also be a good idea to get all your work off floppies as soon as possible. They were hardly the most reliable of media, and anyway are now more or less obsolete. It's rare to find a new pc with one fitted now.

  interzone55 17:03 16 Jan 2008

I suspect that the library has blocked access to the floppy drive.

Can't you email the files to yourself then pick the files up in the library?

  Dragonsteeth 20:36 16 Jan 2008

The files are simple text files. Library PC is 2000 and while it opened the file and the title was clear the rest of the type work was gibberish
eg *()##[email protected]<> 2 etc. So 2000 couldnt translate due to being a different os.
So years of work is unaccessable then?
OK thanks to all who answered.

  interzone55 20:53 16 Jan 2008

I can't see a different version of windows being unable to read a txt file.

Most likely either a corrupt floppy or a knackered floppy drive at the library, not surprising considering the amount of wear & tear library PCs put up with.

Follow my suggestion of emailing the files to yourself & picking them up at the library

  Fermat's Theorem 17:25 17 Jan 2008

I note the despondency in your last post that you may not be able to access years' of work on your floppy disks.

You say the files are "simple text files", does this mean that you typed them in Notepad and saved them as text (.txt) files - or did you mean that they are just documents that contain text, i.e. no graphics, charts, etc.?

I know I am speculating, but with your Windows 98 system did you also have Microsoft Works or an earlier version of Microsoft Word (i.e. Word 97)?
If so, it would possibly explain why your file did not print on the library's system.

What is the extension of the files you are using, e.g., .wps, .txt, .doc?

There seems to be no reason to believe that your work is irretrievable if your floppy discs are still functioning.

In the meantime take the advice given by Ventanas and by Alan14 to back up your data on to some other medium and/or emailing the files to yourself if possible.

Hope this helps to reassure you somewhat!


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