how to reformat pc

  BIGXXH 16:03 05 Nov 2012

I want to take all the programs of my pc i do not want to back up any of the programs that i have on there just a clean machine and then reinstall windows xp from the disc that i had with machine and then i will reinstall what i want back on to a clean machine as and when i need it.

                       Thanks In Advance For Your Help

  onthelimit1 17:26 05 Nov 2012

Which OS are you using? Generally, you can save data to an external hard drive and then reinstall when the PC is up and running again, but you cannot do that with programmes - they will need to be reloaded from their CDs or downloaded again.

The actual reinstall is straightforward - just start the PC and force it to boot from the OS CD (already in the drive), then follow the prompts. If you need more detail, just ask.

  BIGXXH 19:23 05 Nov 2012


i think you misunderstood what i wrote in my first post don;t want to back up anything i have all the discs of the programs that i need to load if i want to, what i want to know is how to get all the programs and the operating system of this machine, i wll then load them as i need them from their discs also will reload operating system from disc that was supplied with the computer as i have a (completely clean pc to start again, oprating system is xp)

  csqwared 19:35 05 Nov 2012


Have a look at this


Download the (free) software, run it (it runs under DOS) and you will have a completely clean machine where you can start a fresh install.

  csqwared 19:40 05 Nov 2012

you can also have a look at this.

Killdisc video

  lotvic 19:56 05 Nov 2012

"reload operating system from disc that was supplied with the computer" Depending on what was supplied with the pc, that may be a Restore to Factory Fresh disc (Will have the option on the menu to do that)

I suggest you put the disc in the pc and see what menu comes up, there should be several options to choose from.

If you use killdisc or similar you will not be able to do the following.

You probably have a hidden restore partition which is the easiest way to do what you want. It will wipe the old data off and restore to how pc was when first new from the factory and will already be activated so you do not need to enter a product key or start looking for your motherboard and device drivers to install.

What make and model pc do you have?

If using an ordinary install CD/DVD - Boot up from your installation XP CD/DVD, during the installation you will get option to format the C: drive, that will wipe C: clean for the new installation. No need to uninstall or delete any programs prior to the format. ClickHere for Reinstall guides

  woodchip 23:07 05 Nov 2012

If you have Sata Hard Drives you may have a problem do not use killdisc until you ask about loading hard drive drivers first

  griffon56 11:11 06 Nov 2012

BIGXXH, with respect, I think onthelimit1 was referring to a DATA backup not the creation of an Operating System Image. The two are different, data being what you've created and the system being what it runs on. Forgive me if I'm crushing your balls, the distinction is not often made clear and in this case it's important to know what is what.

CrapCleaner is a highly regarded free program from which has functions to clean up your hard drive. It eliminates old data, cleans up the Registry and uninstalls old programs better than Windows does. I've been using it for years and it would be useful if you decide against a format and system reload and just go for a jolly good clearout of the dross which might be cluttering your hard drive. It is certainly a lot easier to use than to do a system reload.

There's a good PC Advisor answer on cleaning up hard drives at which might be useful.

Regards, R

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